Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Elevator Also Goes Up

Last week was the worst week.
A friend from the ward said "Well, you've got nowhere to go but up!" (Thanks, Hillary.)
For some reason, that little phrase poked me in the heart and stuck.  

She was right.
I'd crashed so hard into the ground emotionally, I really had nowhere to go but up, and I was determined to appreciate the ride.

The very next day, we got a call from Zane's mission president, he'd been in a bad bike accident.
He was okay, but they were taking him to urgent care because he'd hit his head.
Normally, I'd have gone out of my mind with worry, but I was just too worn out emotionally. I took the news, said a prayer and did what I have promised to do- I trusted that the Lord was taking care of my boy.
The next day, I got some pictures from the RS president of the area in Washington that Zane is at. She had taken him and his companion out to a big breakfast and I got my very first pictures of Zane from his mission- sporting stitched in his eyebrow, a sprain on one wrist and the other wrist was broken......... 
...but I could see his face and he was happy. 

He was happy and you know what? 
 I had nowhere to go but up. 
I was thankful to see his smile, it was more important than a wrist and a new scar on his head. It was certainly more important than a crappy doctor and a broken bike. 

When I finally heard from him, he told me he was riding down a hill at about 25MPH and he jumped a curb, but the back tire hit it weird and he crashed into a wall. He busted his helmet and the brand new bike is toast, but he felt blessed because when he crashed, there were three people who saw the crash and got out to help him. One person was from his ward, so they were able to get a ride back to the apartment with that person The second person had a vehicle that was able to bring the bikes back and the third person who saw the crash was an EMT.
In Zane's opinion, that was amazing, to have three people there and each of them were able to meet an important need he had when he crashed- apparently, he had nowhere to go but up, too. 
He's doing good and today marked one full month that he has been a missionary.
If the next 23 are as emotionally taxing as this one, I'm going to go out of my mind,but, for now... I am looking upward because that's where I want to be headed. 

If there was any doubt that things would get better.......

Brady Kyle Fox was born on a lucky St. Patrick's Day to his wonderful parents, Kyle & Rebekah and oh, we're feeling blessed. 

Also, every picture I had on this blog before today went kaput when I had to free up space with my gmail account.
 I'm not going to fix it. 

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