Saturday, March 28, 2015

Creative Messes make me Happy

I am a project junkie, everybody knows that.
I am happiest when I have at least a couple of different, messy projects in the works. 
Lately, I've been having way too much fun reclaiming my craft room. 

I miss Zane like crazy, but moving Parker into his old room and having the sewing/craft room again has been really great. 
I can spread out my creative mess, binge watch crummy shows that my family hates or crank 90's easy listening music or listen to the scriptures without anyone getting annoyed.
My brain works best this way, in the center of some sort of nest of creative chaos.

Poor Kyle and Rebekah and going to be sick of handmade crap from Auntie Crazy, but there are just so many cute baby things out there-  I can't resist. 



The onesie turned out so cute, and yet, it's not anywhere near as cute as Baby Brady and his happy parents.

I also monogrammed a set of bath towels.
They will be part of a wedding gift for Parker's step-sister, Vanessa, who is getting married in May. 

For me, the towel shows me how much I have progressed in learning my machine. Something like this would have taken me hours before and the back would have been messed up enough to need a patch. I was able to do these quickly and they look nice on both sides and will survive the washing machine. Many of my first towels most likely fell apart in the wash. 
I made a dog toy for the new dog my friend and her family got. The dog's name is Amelia Pond and I looked all over for Doctor Who dog toys and didn't find anything, so I invented one. 

If their dog is anything like Badger, it will be chewed to bits in a couple of days, but that's okay. 
I know her kids will get a kick out of it. 

I need to get it mailed, along with the gifts I made her kids. 
They each have a book bag and I put a new book inside each bag, as a fun treat. 
I need to get them mailed, I hope they like them. They have names that are not common, and I'm hoping they get a special kick out of something personalized, just for them. 

I also realized that last year, when we went to Washington DC for Easter, I probably made my last Easter Basket for Zane. 
Because we had been traveling all day and the kids are old, I'd purchased candy and we planned to just give the kids the candy. Romy and Zane insisted that we needed to do an egg hunt, so I filled up the plastic eggs we had n storage and just tossed them on the back lawn. 
They may have even used grocery sacks to collect them.
Super classy. 
If I had thought about it being Zane's last year as a kid living at home at Easter, I might have put more effort into making it special, but as I said, we had been traveling all day, so probably not.
Thinking about that made me kind of sad though, so this year I'm going to pretend my kids are still little and I'm going all out. 
Kate and Jane will be here- I think it is the first time we have had them home for Easter and I picked up these baskets and embroidered names on them.

The machine started eating Grey's, so it's not lined up very well, but I also know that none of the kids will care, I did this project for me. 

I don't know what the next year will bring.
I know Kate is leaving for college in the fall and I doubt we will have Jane home for Easter again, because it doesn't usually work with her school's Spring Break schedule. 
 Maybe Parker will have had his fill of curfews and Mommy hugs this year.
I want this Easter to be special and my kids actually seem to enjoy it when some of the cheesy things from when they were little make it into the special days.

For my kids who will not be here for Easter, care packages are coming.
I did these for Emma:

I also have a package going out to Zane and his companion.
It is packed full of treats and there is an Easter egg hunt included. 
Matt and I looked up different scriptures about missionary work and service and they can't open the egg and get what is inside until they find the scripture.

 (FYI, the Twizzlers grass is delicious.) 

I'm pushing myself to try more advanced techniques with my machine and feeling more confident about the things I do on it. 
It's helping me to push through the times when I am so very aware that Zane isn't home, and he won't be back anytime soon.

I have decided to set up a website to share the pictures and emails that he has written for 'everyone,' I just don't have everything posted on it yet. His Arizona Family and his New Jersey Family are all going to contribute to it, and I ask that if Zane actually sends pictures to anyone that reads this, that they share those pictures with me, so I can post them.
 Emails and letters are for the people he writes them to, but I suspect pictures will be a bit of a rare thing from Zane. 
You may have to register, but the address to the site is: 

If people want to add to it, please do. 
Because Zane--errr-- Elder Smith is part of two large blended families, he has a lot of people who love him and he cannot write to everyone. It isn't personal, he only has an hour each week to use the computer and write and in that time he has to write to his parents and his mission president. He also has that pretty brown haired girl that he wants to stay in touch with. 
After thinking about it and talking with his Dad, I think this is the right way to go. I'm very protective of the privacy of our family, but this will help Elder Smith to not feel so pressured to write individual emails and letters to those who are sending him words of support. I know he appreciates it, but between the two families, he has 12 siblings and four parents and that's just the first tier of family he has close relationships with.  
 Please be understanding of that if you are a person who is getting frustrated because you haven't heard from him.
 He is doing what he is supposed to be doing.

He also has a sprained wrist on one hand and a broken wrist on the other. 

I'll be posting weekly updates or emails, as will his Dad. 

I believe the email where he explained his bike accident is posted, so hop on over and read the exciting tale of how Elder Smith met a wall in Seattle and now he needs new pants. 

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