Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas Toys

The Holidays seemed to end as swiftly as they began.
I feel like the calendar was always a week ahead of me all December.

I finally got a chance to open my new serger.

I've wanted one forever, but I simply didn't sew enough to justify buying one.
That changed after getting my embroidery machine last year. 
 I was ready to take the plunge and Matt got me this beauty for my birthday:

 I took it out of the box and looked at it. 
Two needles?
The thread goes where?
Where does the bobbin go?
I watched a bunch of You Tube videos and checked out some tutorials that were posted online and decided to just dive in.
It took me a half an hour to successfully thread it, but an hour later, I had made these:

They are just simple burp cloths, but I did them on my serger. 

 They have a terry cloth back, I was making similar burp cloths earlier this year and they looked so cute with the edges raw....until you washed them.
I ran one of these through the wash before giving the rest away as a gift and they seemed to do just fine. 
Yay for learning new things.

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  1. Look for variegated threads to use with projects like these! There's also a thread called "wooly nylon", but I personally think it is a little harder to work with.

    You are going to LOVE having a serger! Think how quickly you could have done the PJ pants at Christmas!