Friday, October 10, 2014

NYCC and Nyquil don't mix

Yesterday was the first day of New York Comic-Con.
We went last year and took most of the kids, but this year, we decided to have it be a date activity.
I love the kids, but the crowds were massive and once they got bored or tired, it was like dragging around...well, a kid. 

Matt took the day off and we were both really excited to see the people, the booths and to meet one of our favorite authors, John Scalzi. We'd gone to a reading in SLC and met him, and we were looking forward to another opportunity to get books signed and breathe the same air as someone we are huge fans of.
But there is no way Scalzi was going to want to breathe my air.
I woke up with no voice.
I'd had fever and a cough all night and I felt like death.
I was sick.
But I could still get dressed and so I slugged down as much cold medicine as I could keep down and Matt and I agreed that if we needed to leave after an hour, that was okay. if I needed to crash in the hallway and take a nap at the Javits Center, that was okay, too. if i was going to hack and cough on everyone at the event....well, that was not okay, so we agreed to leave if my cough came back at all. 
I fell asleep on the bus ride into the city. 

The line was a good 6-8 city blocks long to get in, but it moved the whole time. 
Some of my stronger medicines kicked in while in that line, so i was having a pretty good time. 
We saw booths featuring video games, lots of comic book store booths (I don't recall seeing any of those last year) and there were a lot more book dealers this year than we saw last year. 
We walked a ton and kept ourselves hydrated with 4 dollar diet cokes and hit lunch at a Greek place. I had fried mozzarella, and it was the first time I have ever tasted home made mozzarella cheese. 
It was so good. 
I'm still craving it today, it was wonderful.
We stayed until we both felt like our feet were going to fall off and I knew I was at  risk of ending up dead in some alleyway if I took  any more cold medicine. 

I was getting grouchy and all New Yorky on people, snapping at them to move and get out of my way.
Did you know I started doing that?
 I know, it's terrible and rude and when I'm tired, I totally do it now. It's a big red flag for us all that I need to leave the city and go home, that I'm too tired- I just don't know it yet. When you're with me and you hear me say " MOVE!!" to some nincompoop who has chosen to stop right at the top of an escalator, or in a's time to go home.
Even though they do need to move, when I'm not tired, I say "excuse me." 
Okay, I say "move, please" but still....
If you've lived here, you understand. 

I fell fast asleep on the bus again and we didn't have a ride home from the bus stop, so, we walked.
It wasn't too bad, the bus stop is by Roe's school and I walk there and back every day. 
I only whined a little bit.

Today I will not be walking there.
Today, I woke up and shuddered.
I not only have no voice, but my throat is raw and hates me.
I am either burning hot or freezing.
Every inch of my body hurts and I go from being restless and uncomfortable to passed out on my bed. 
I'm not taking enough drugs to kill an elephant today, I know I need to just rest and let this work it's way through. 
So there you have it- I went from totes kicking it with famous authors and Cosplay Kings and Queens, to lying in my bed, in my pink polka dot pajamas, binge watching Master Chef with a gross pile of tissues piling up in my room.


  1. So funny you are!! So sorry you are sick!! Sounds like strep throat! Get well in the pink pokadot pjs xxoo