Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Man Cave

As you know, when I am under stress, cook and I redecorate. 
There is something about a new look or a different perspective- or maybe just working until I am so worn out that I am too tired to give a crap about the things...that gets me through.

There is also something about whipping up a batch of sweets that helps ease the pain in the rear that my stress decorating causes. 

Homemade marshmallows certainly make everything better.

I have struggled with our front room from the beginning. It is oddly shaped and I have not been able to make it comfortable and functional at the same time.
 One day, I will have the perfect solution, but today is not that day.
Today is a day when I don't know what I want, but I know what I don't want.
I don't want the couch in there any longer.
I also don't want the kids making such a mess upstairs, as they always do in whatever area the X Box and Wii are put. 
The boys and and their stuff needed to go downstairs,  we were no longer wasting an entire room  of the house simply because the ceiling is low.
It's a great space, but it only gets used for storage.
 We've tried making it a bedroom, but I have giant children who complained. 
There is a fridge in the hall outside of the room and it has a full bathroom attached. It's seriously perfect for normal- sized people.
Yesterday, I decided,  as Bob is my witness, it WILL be a functional space.
All by my arthritic self, I moved the sofa into the basement.  (It breaks up into two parts, so I wasn't a She-Hulk, but I WAS still kind of a badass.)
I relocated storage bins, and had Grey and Parker bring the TV down.
Once they saw the couch in the basement, to my surprise, the boy s actually got excited about it and started to talk about how it was going to be the 'man cave' they had always wanted. 
(Who knew they had talked about a man cave?)
We set up a gaming table and a shelf for snacks.
The movies and games were brought down and Greyson set up the electronics.

After a few hours, we found ourselves standing in a bona fide man cave.
The boys love it. 

I love that I cannot see or hear the X box and the upstairs can stay clean.
 I love that when we have visitors, I won't have to spend three days upstairs, scrubbing and cleaning out teenage boy filth.
I love that there is a specific home for the thousands of Magic cards we have in this house, as well as our large collection of board games.
 I love that this space is being used, finally. We have a comfortable, functional space that people want to be in.

Now, I just need to figure out what to do in the front room.......again. 

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