Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Good Stuff

Last week, the kids had a 4 day weekend for Rosh Hashanah.
Romy and I hopped on the bus and hit the town for some Mom/Daughter time.
We picked the ONE day it has rained in a month to go, but we still had a fantastic day together. 
We're tough East Coasters now, we're not afraid of a little rain. 
(Snow is another story.)

 We met up with Matt for dinner and took the train home.
We ate at a place called "brgr." 
They boasted grass fed beef and after a few bites of her very expensive burger in the trendy spot, Romy said "I wish they'd have just fed the cows regular food, this has no flavor."
We were all thinking it.
While it's lovely that it was all fresh and organic, it was still a hamburger, not a Kale salad made from free range hippee dreams.

We give it one super organic pretentious star.

You want a good burger in NYC- try this place in Chelsea:

It doesn't have a/c and they use red lights in the room, but outside of that slight mental hospital experience, it's a really good burger and fries. The onion rings are killer, too.
Another bonus of Lucky's is that it is just up the block from a certain doughnut place we like. 
If you're going to have a heart attack, do it in Chelsea. 

 It's gorgeous outside right now, I know that Autumn comes every year, but growing up in Arizona, I still am blown away by how beautiful seasons are.

  I thought Utah was the Garden of Eden, we had grass and trees, but living here reminds me that Utah is also a desert. 
I'm getting outside and enjoying the weather as much as I can because .....

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