Thursday, September 4, 2014

Begin Again

Less than an hour ago, I dropped Greyson and Romy off at school.

I may have started singing in the car as I drove back home.

Greyson began his Sophomore year and Romy is starting her final year of Junior High. 

Oh, I hope 8th grade is easier on her than it was on me.
That was a tough one.
She has good friends and I am sure it will be just fine. 

They grow up, don't they?

Parker has registered for school and all of the paperwork is in, unfortunately, the classes he wanted to take were full by the time he finished, so he will start next term.
But next term for sure, and that is a really good thing. 
Getting his life back on track has been a slow road for him, but he hasn't given up.

Emma is back at the U, and has a job at Subway. She's living in the dorms again, and hopefully her roommate this year will be friendlier than last year.  I am excited for her to have more independence and to have the experiences she is having. 

Zane has a job, working for a flooring company that is owned by one of our closest friends. It's all hard, physical labor and just what he needs as we wait for his mission call. (There were a few hiccups with the paperwork, I didn't quite get all of the doctor clearances needed.)
Today he is working a job in NYC, he's driving into the city all grown-up like.

I still don't have the courage to drive in Manhattan, but he's a confident driver who learned to drive in New Jersey. 
Beware, Big Apple drivers.

Kate is busy with play practices, she tends to fill up her schedule during the school year and Senior year has many opportunities to do the things she loves. 
She and Jane both made it into the advanced choirs at their schools. 

It's fun to see that they not only got 'pokey outie ears" from Dad, but they also got his amazing ability to sing.
 (Did you know Matt can sing? Like an angel- a giant, 6ft 7 angel. He has an amazing voice.)

Jane, I believe, is attending SLC comic-con with Emma today.
 I think it's a good reason to ditch school. Comic-con is awesome and I hear Salt Lake is one of he best.  With today being Thursday, even though most of the stars will not be there, they will also be spared the crowds. 
(If you see John Barrowman, swoon for me!)

 She's playing violin in the school orchestra, but she's really sick of it and only hanging on so she can go on the orchestra trip this year. She is also singing in the advanced chorus at her school. Like her sister and her father, she loves to sing and has talent.
(Did you know that I can sing as well? Yep, but I don't enjoy it so I only  sing in the tub or to babies.)

Matt and I have started to look for deals on flights, the girls are coming out for UEA and Christmas this year and Matt and I hope to attend Kate's play. I may not be able to swing it, but Matt will go for sure.
 After I have purged the house of all of the summer messes, I am going to start a fairly large sewing project. We will see if I actually see it through, you know I am only good at 80% of any project. I did FINALLY finish my accent wall two weeks ago. It only sat there, with a stencil taped to it, needing two panels painted for a year. 

I also painted the front room. 

I love the color, but the room feels very cold, like a doctor's office to me. I need to figure out what to do to warm it up, because I'm not painting that space again. Our home has great paint colors, but it's all flat paint and after two years, every wall outside of our bedroom has some sort of mark and grime on it that won't wash off. 

With that, the next season has begun.
It was even a little bit chilly when I dropped off the kids at school this morning.
I'm ready to begin again.


  1. I miss hearing you all sing in Sacrament Meeting and choir at church. Sounds like this will be a very busy year for everyone. If you guys are able to come out for Kate's play, drop us a line!

  2. fun to hear your updates, but I can't believe it has been so long since you moved out there, that means it has been that long since I moved here! love your wall and the kids look great!