Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A New Tradition- If We Don't Have Heart Attacks First

School started on a Thursday in Springfield, New Jersey, which was kind of strange.

And I sure do love this family of mine. 
We miss the older girls every day, but we know they would be with us if they could. 
We started a new tradition this year, the Back to School Family Feast.

Earlier in the week, with the help of the family, I created the menu. 
I'd asked each person what they would have me serve if they could only have one thing- anything for dinner. It could be dessert it could be a drink, a main dish....whatever.

On Sunday, I decorated the table and presented the kids with our feast.
We had: 
hamburgers (Greyson)
mashed potatoes and gravy (Zane)
pizza (Parker)
sausage links (Mom)
grilled cheese (Dad)
Dutch Apple Pie (Romy)

It was absolutely the most unhealthy thing on the planet, but we had so much fun. 

Each person set a goal for the year and we brainstormed about what our family mission statement would be for the 2014-2015 school year. 
We talked about things we are looking forward to, things we are thankful for and things we hope to change this year. 

We drank Cokes and laughed when people turned down foods that they normally would fight over, because nobody could eat a cheeseburger AND a slice of pizza AND a grilled cheese sandwich AND Sausage AND mashed potatoes AND pie- even though the boys certainly tried to.

 We had a lot of leftovers, but there are worse things than having leftovers of your favorite food.
It was a good way to start the year, it added some fun and the Olson silliness that we enjoy. 
It was fun to start a new tradition, we will see how it changes over the years.
We don't have that many back- to - schools left, after all. 
I hope the kids look back on this and it makes them as happy as it made Matt and I to see their shocked and amused faces as I brought out the feast food. 
I hope your back to school week included something fun, if it didn't- you still have time, there are plenty of weeks left n September.

As we celebrate and have fun, our hearts are with our dear friends in Murray, Sarah and Andy.  They were in our ward in T-ville and when they moved to Virginia, we were all so sad to see them go, but we were excited for them, too. Years later, they had returned to Utah and we were the ones moving far away. I was so freaked out and it was Sarah who gave me the confidence and comfort to trust that the Lord was with us and it would all be just fine- wonderful, even. 

Their son, Magnus, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and in the past two weeks, their life has turned upside down and inside out.

You can read their blog here:
We love you guys, your names are in the temple here in the big city, and we think of you every day and pray for you. I wish there was more we could do to help. If any of my readers would be willing to pray for and put their names in their local temple, I would be personally thankful.

Sarah, Andy, Laylah, Jonah, Daphne, Baron & Magnus Collette....we love you. 
And cancer sucks.

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