Monday, August 4, 2014

Crafty we did crafts while Matt took Kate to the airport.
(Boo for airports, Yay for crafts!)

I've had these metal stamp letters for years, but never really used them until today.

I picked up aluminum blanks last year and the girls and I each chose a phrase we wanted to use and made bracelets.

Jane chose a Harry Potter quote, Emma chose a Firefly quote.

Romy picked a quote from Pinterest- kind of one of those "sad teenage girl" quotes, but she's 13 and tragic quotes speak to the soul of 13 year old girls.  :)

I made one for Kate that had a line from one of the songs she will sing in her play this fall. 

We stamped the letters, bent the metal into a cuff and then colored all over the letters with a black permanent marker and let it sit until it was dry.

Once dry, we took a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol and wiped it down. Most of the ink was removed, leaving the letters to look black and a little aged.
This was a super fun activity, especially for teenage girls and it was inexpensive, too. The stamps were a little spendy, but you can use them over and over again. I think I paid 40 bucks for my set, and I'm wanting a second set with a different font. Once you have the metal stamps, you can use them on leather as well as metal. There are pendants and charms you can personalize that look very pretty and are what the cool kids are selling on Etsy these days. :)

Even though the rain kept us from the shore this weekend,  it was nice to just spend our Sunday afternoon creating something new with my daughters.

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  1. We used metal stamps with the girls at YW camp two years ago. We stamped metal washers with the values and glued a colored gem to them. I still have mine (which is amazing for me and camp craft). The stamps are very fun to use and easy, if you can handle a hammer without damaging yourself too much. :)