Saturday, May 10, 2014

This Post Was Brought to You By Dirt

The past few weekends, I have been working on the yard.
As I get older, I enjoy tinkering in my little plot of land more and more.
I sew, I knit and now I garden...for fun. 
I complain about my arthritis and I'm one of the women that young mothers call for advice in the ward. 
I am so dang old. 
By the time my parents were as old as I am now, I was already grown and on my own. I had children of my own.
 I've never even lived with people in their 40's.
We old folks putter around in the garden and talk to the neighbors about fertilizer and compare garden tools.

My garden has been planted,  a small plot with a lightweight netting on top to try and keep the rodents out. 

I've been working in the front yard a lot, trying to keep it from being the neighborhood eyesore. I pulled out everything that died over the winter and added color. I put in some new flowers, as well as some of the annuals that grew really well last year and I added a trim to my little flower gardens. 

The shells were collected by the Mitchells when they visited last summer. I know they meant to take them back to Arizona, but they forgot and every time we see them- we smile and remember the wonderful week we had together.

The pretty little yellow snapdragons should overtake most of this planter by the end of the summer. They won't make it through the winter, but they will grow and bloom until the first snowfall. They are Romy's favorite, it brings back good memories of time spent with Karin Holmgren, as she taught Roe how to make their little dragon mouths open and snap back into place.

My favorite is the new rose bush.
 It is thriving and I think every home should welcome visitors with roses. 

I put in some raspberry and blueberry bushes near the driveway, I am just hoping that they don't die and establish themselves this year. If the birds and squirrels eat all of the fruit, that's okay. 
Next year, when they come back and are heartier, I'll try to get enough to make at least one batch of jam. 

I also planted some holly along the fence between us and Jacobv and Bronjia. Bless Jacobv's cranky  heart,  but I think a nice hedge will be great. He tried to plant one on his side, however,  his dinosaur poop shaped junipers haven't grown so much as an inch since we moved in. 

When I step back and look at my front yard, I feel happy.
 I've come a long way from my Arizona front yard of rock, oleander and scorpions.  

The stairs look crappy because it was just raining, and our front door has a 'no touch, no talk, no eye contact until he has all four feet on the ground' sign.
 He may still be pooping on the carpet, but other than that- the training is going great. He's such a sweet and smart little dog and I adore him.
Since it's been over a week since I posted a picture of Badger.....

Next up, a post about vitamins, adult diapers and blue hair dye.


  1. oooooo! Can't WAIT for the next post! You sweet young thing you....just wait til you get your Medicare care, and THEN see how old you feel!

  2. Russell and I are both being shmoosed by AARP. Holy crap! In two years, I'll be at the end of my forties and staring down really old age and the age-right to live in a retirement community.