Friday, May 23, 2014

Here We Go...

Each summer, we have a season of visitors.
We love it.
We love to see friends and family and to see their faces when they first glimpse Lady Liberty, or that look of awe when they stop in the middle of the sidewalk in Manhattan, look up at the buildings as the taxis honk and busses speed by and their jaw just drops as their souls absorb a little bit of the city and makes it forever a part of them.
We are admittedly a little bit sick of the Staten Island Ferry. :)
This summer, most of our company comes in June, right at the same time as Zane's graduation.
It's why they will be here, but we are going to be crazy busy.
On top of having a lot of guests, we're throwing a pretty big party for Zane's graduation. It's just a short ice cream social, but we've invited the whole ward. 
Heaven forbid I do anything subtle in life.
I am excited, though. 
Those times where you're flying down the roller coaster at full speed are fun, even though you always lose your hat.

We got a tiny little teaser this week, with our dear friends, Lynn and Joie Tucker from Taylorsville staying with us for two, too short nights. They were going to Kentucky and then decided to head further east to see us and are hitting New Hampshire next.

Joie is one of my very best friends and spending the day with her was just what my heart was needing. She's good natured, easy going, radiates joy and hilarious. She's also a nurturer who was there for me and lifted me up when the bottom fell out of my life in Utah. Her love (and that of my other sweeties in the knitting group)  got me through the hardest season of my life. 
Knit night at Joie's house was the night I looked forward too most. It changed me so much and I will always be thankful for that season.

Joie and Lyn had never been to The Big Apple, it was a dream of her's to go to the Manhattan Temple and see it, smack dab in the middle of the crazy city.

We planned to go to the 11:00 session.
Traffic dictated that we made it to the 2:30 session.

As we drove through the heart of the city, Lynn laughed his head off at the crazy drivers and marveled that in spite of how uts it it, nobody was getting in a wreck and people seemed to just take it in stride. 
We had a couple of close calls by SLC standards, but nothing out of the ordinary in NYC.

We ate gourmet doughnuts at my favorite spot, walked for about 5 minutes in Central Park and had lunch at a cafe near the temple.

Mostly, we were in the car, but that was okay because Lynn and Joie made us feel like we were giving them a world class guided tour, by way of our dirty car. 

I had a fun time and it was so nice to go to the temple again.

The next month is going to fly by, but I'm buckled in and ready.
Here we go......

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