Saturday, May 3, 2014

Find Me A Shrubbery

One of the biggest differences between new Jersey and other places I have lived is that New Jersey has honest-to-goodness seasons. Sometimes they drag on forever, like this winter, but it is followed by an actual season of Spring. 

You know I am a complete flower junkie, to have an entire season of exploding colors is simply the best.
A few weeks after we moved here, I planted tulips, and they have been true both this year and last.
I also planted irises that I picked up at Home Depot and they sprouted leaves, but no blooms. 
They appear to be doing the same thing this year- and they are wimpy leaves too. They look like onions and if I don't see any color by summer's end, I'm getting rid of them.
The plants Brian and Paige brought me last year are showing a great deal of promise.
I went back to Home Depot this week and I meant to only buy one plant to replace a shrub that didn't survive the winter, but I left with a shopping cart full of green stuff.


Many of the shrubs we have were hit hard this year and are in bad shape. 
I thing they will get better, but I'd rather have flowers in the front, anyway.
I pulled them all up and replaced them with flowers and blooming shrubs.


See that weak weed looking thing on the bottom? That's a New Jersey iris.
I love having roses in the front yard and being able to have fresh roses on my front table all summer long. 
The other side of the front porch got Azaleas, they grow into huge trees here, but I will be aggressive with my pruning and keep it a shrub. Azalea trees are beautiful for about 2 weeks and then they are the biggest mess.

I took out the dying shrubs from the side of the house today and planted my raspberry bushes there. Maybe if they are close to the door, it will help us ward of squirrels.

I've got some hearty blueberry plants that will be planted tomorrow, I just need to decide where they will go.
I want to put them in the planting area between our house and Jacobv and Bronjia's home, but I'm a little bit scared of Jacobv, so I didn't do it there today, as he was outside, interrogating me about the plants I had pulled up and asking why I pulled them up if they had good roots and where I was going to put them. 
I'll sneak the blueberries in while he is at work. Maybe he will actually like them. If they survive the rodents, he will sure like them when I make blueberry preserves for his family this summer.

And that concludes my old lady post about crap in my garden and the exciting saga of my growing plants. 
One day, you will be this boring, too.
I would say I'll make fun of you, but at this rate, I won't remember my last name and I'll spend my days drinking Ensure and watching my stories on TV.

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  1. LOVE IT! I am not planting anything until we move back to Payson mid summer.