Thursday, April 3, 2014


We have a new puppy.

Sometimes, we haven't had the best of  experiences with dogs.
Matt  would be perfectly content to never have another pet again. He is not an animal person.
However, Matt loves us more than he hates pets.
A few months ago, I started to realize that I am missing having a buddy in the house with me while the kids are at school. I started to research breeds and waited until I was sure before bringing it up to Matt.
He wasn't thrilled, but he heard me out and was open about it.
He told me his concerns and we talked about what needed to happen in order for this to work for him.
With  Matt working such long hours now and the kids all do their own thing, I miss having a buddy with me during the day.
 I've been getting lonesome for a pet.
We would have chosen a cat, but we get too many guests who would suffer from allergies.
I chose a dog that was a non- shedding breed, one that would not trigger allergies, a Yorkshire Terrier.

 Last night we drove to Brooklyn to pick up this pup.
Meet "Badger."

I'm going to make sure he is trained right from the start so he can be a  happy dog that behaves himself. 
Crate training is looking to be smooth so far.
 He loves his cozy little space and he only whined for about 20 minutes last night and then settled in until morning. He was so good last night, I woke up and worried that something had happened to him, but there he was, perfectly content and when I got him out and put him on the wee pad, he went potty and the ate some breakfast. 
Today he has only gone potty in places he is supposed to go and he has latched on to two of his new toys, so we are teaching him to chew on those and not the furniture. He also thinks Romy's feet are the most wonderful stinky things.

I am so thankful that I have a husband who loves me enough to let our house have another pet.
I am looking forward to Badger being with me for many years, and I am once again so touched by the love and sacrifices my husband makes for me. 

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  1. He is darling! And non-shedding? I'll have to talk with Russell. We found out last month that he is allergic to our dog. Fortunately, Murphy is mostly an outdoor dog, so Russell isn't around him constantly when we're home, but once Murphy has gone on to his doggie reward (not for many more years), it's good to know that we could get another dog that won't trigger Russell's allergies.