Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Break 2014

This weekend, we went to Washington DC.
Matt works so much now, such long hours, that getting away is really hard and besides, we love 15 miles from one of my favorite places to vacation. Every time we go to Manhattan, I get excited, still. It was always my dream to spend time in NYC and let that city be a part of my soul.
I love this place, even though the winters here are absolute crap. 

DC is also one of my favorite places, and it's only about 3 1/2 hours from here.
We only had Friday and Saturday to play tourist, so we made it count.
I got close to 25,000 steps on Friday, according to my Fitbit and about 17,000 on Saturday.
My legs are Jell-o.
My heart is happy though. I love, love love spending time wandering though historical places and seeing the artifacts as well as the people who come to enjoy them as well.
I love that my children see travel as a normal part of life, and that they have good memories of places all over the map. 

The Lincoln Memorial, Parker's favorite. 

He doesn't have the travel bug that I do, but he will sometimes walk on by himself and absorb a sculpture or a memorial and I watch him take the meaning and the art into his heart and it becomes a part for him. This boy is an artist, he just needs to find his medium for this season.

How is this child growing up so fast?
Oh, my heart!!

And this kid.....I don't know what I'm going to do when he is on his mission. He is my rock who always stands up for what he believes is right and who seeks out the good. 

.....and the funny.

We visited Uncle Niel and Bobby Shelton. 
My children have read and heard so many stories about him, they see him as family, a real person that they lost. They love Grandma Olson so much and ache for her heart, having lost her big brother.  We understand big brothers in this family and cannot imagine life without them.

I am growing my hair out again and have entered the  'I give up' phase.

The fountain at the Korean Memorial.

She actually said "Philippines in Da HOUSE!" when she saw this. 
Weird child.

Greyson....the world is sometimes just too loud for him, but if we take on the big things one step at a time, he does amazing things and always wants to help the world to be softer, more orderly and feel right. I love that he helps us from letting things get too out of control when some of our ideas go off the rails. He reminds me that great distances are still traveled by individual steps. He helps me slow down and when we slow down, the details of life are so beautiful.

I'm thankful that I get to be with these amazing kids and the memories that we make.
I am thankful that I have a husband who loves and values travel as much as I do and who cries every time he reads the words inscribed on the all at the Lincoln Memorial. he has such a good heart.
We went out, just the two of us for a couple of hours while the kids napped and had a massive pillow fight in the hotel. 
As we walked through the Mall, with the Washington Monument on one side, the Capitol building on the other and hundreds of families picnicking and enjoying the sunshine--I had one of those moments again where I knew my life was perfect. I really am so very blessed.
I can't always feel that, but I always know.
Sometimes, when I let my guard down and I can feel the sun shining on my face...it's like a wish or magic and all of the beauty and love I am surrounded with washes over me. Those are the moments that keep me going when I lose my way. 

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