Tuesday, April 15, 2014


It's Spring Break!!!

It is also pouring outside. 
They said there might be a light dusting of SNOW in parts of New Jersey tonight.

It's just a little storm. 
It really is spring.

I know because my flowers are beginning to erupt and you know how I love my flowers. I can't wait for the irises that Brian and Paige brought up from Utah bloom. They don't usually come until late summer in New Jersey, so far I have not had any success with irises here. That's a shame because they are my favorite. This year's blooms will be even more special to me because they will be from the garden of people I love.
I'm crossing my fingers that this year will be better. I have high hopes for my flowers and  our vegetable garden this year. 


Today, the kids all had eye appointments.

One of the things I was struggling with as my depression was kicking my butt so hard- was that I wasn't making the appointments my family was needing, I wasn't really able to take care of any of the things that shouldn't be so hard. I wasn't making them for me or the kids and we were all overdue for dental exams, physicals and eye checkups. I'd look up the number and try to call, but there were many days that it was just too hard to even do that. I can't explain why, but it was. I felt very guilty about it because I have always been on top of these things with my family.
It was one of the few things I felt I always had covered as a Mom. 
Every day I told myself to do it, and every day I just couldn't.

As I have been working through it and pulling myself out of the pit, one way I know I am doing better is that I am taking care of those things. 

Everyone got new glasses and Romy got her first pair. 

She wanted them so bad, I remember wishing I had them at her age, too. I didn't need them until I was 30, though.
She barely needs them, but she was excited to finally be on the four eyed freak train with the rest of us. (Matt had lasik done and Zane wears contacts.) 

Parker stressed over his decision- his last pair of glasses has a skull on the side, and while he thought they were super edgy at age 16, he felt like a dork wearing them at age 20.
I helped him choose frames that fit his face and his need to be current, but not trendy.
Grey could barely see without his glasses, so we chose frames that were similar to his old ones. When he put on his new glasses, he had the strongest reaction because his prescription had changed quite a bit and also his old glasses were filthy. 

It's a different world out there when you have clean glasses, Son.

Zane got contacts again, but he also needed a pair of glasses for his mission.
He told me to just pick a pair because he didn't care. 
I had him try on two pair, he had no preference, so I chose one and he was done. 

Romy's glasses are hot pink on the inside and when she wears them, they really bring out the color in her hair. The woman at the store said those glasses were made for Romy, they look perfect and fit her face really well.

That appointment took nearly four hours.

Sure, it was four appointments,  but normally they only take 20 minutes each. 
I think that everything that could go wrong did go wrong and I had to cancel a different appointment I had for today,  but the glasses were all finished by the time everything was resolved. We don't have to go back to have fittings or anything and that saves me a trip later.
Sometimes things just go that way, we all stayed in good spirits about it and it wasn't so bad- plus it's done now and I can check that off my list for a year. 

It's progress for me to make and keep appointments. 
We hit McDonald's afterwards, but we were all so tired and starving that after we inhaled the food, we came home and three of us fell asleep.
 The other two got sick from the food.
 Apparently, you're supposed to chew your Chicken McNuggets.

And so begins our exciting Spring Break.
Tomorrow, we have a jam packed day of wearing pajamas and possibly walking to the deli for lunch. Roe and I were going to spend the day in NYC, but it looks like the weather will be wet and contrary to what the movies would have you believe-- rainy walks through Central Park are not actually fun. 
They never show how cold it is in movies and how businesses give you stink eye if you come in dripping wet. 
We can spend the day dry and happy at home. 
Did I mention we also have a cute puppy here to entertain us?
Only 1000 times? 

Well, Badger is a pretty good excuse to stay home and not freeze to death in the rain. 

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