Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Windy Dreams

Last night, as we slept, the wind howled.
A storm has blown in and they predicted snow.

So far, no snow. 
I don't think we will actually get any.

The wind, however...she's angry.
As I slept, she came into my dreams.
In sleep, Old Mariah visited and tore the roof off the house.
Then she tore the foundation walls and we saw that the house was being held up by bricks and 2X2's.
We were so mad, because it was another thing the man who built this house did in a shoddy manner.

I think everyone looks a the work the former owner of their home did and wonders what they were thinking and wishes they had done it the right way. When I am rational, I know that he did a very good job on many things in this house and that everyone gets tired and sick of remodeling, so the answer is often to just patch up the holes and are done with it. I know that's how many of the projects went in our old house. 
I'm not actually mad at our former owner for anything but the buried asphalt in the back yard and the fact that we don't have an outside water spigot. 

But in my dream, everything was falling apart and I was scared and upset.
I was also cold and wet. 
The wind became the soundtrack to the despair and powerlessness I felt as my home crashed down around me.

Then aliens invaded and we all went to live in an abandoned area of Chinatown....only it was in Arizona and we took a helicopter there and there was a giant doll we were trying to protect, that sometimes talked......

I think most dreams, are just dreams.
 Most dreams are just your brain, dumping and processing the things you worry about and deal with. I think your brain takes all of the pictures in your head and puts them on a puzzle piece, then it puts the puzzle together. What it doesn't do is assign much rhyme or reason to what picture goes on a specific piece, so it's chaotic and weird. We try to make reason of the strange picture that the random things in our head made and we have dreams.  
Sometimes they mean things, sometimes, aliens attack and you go to Arizona Chinatown.

I bribed Parker yesterday so that he would get a haircut and lose the beard.

I am happy to see his face again, but a part of me is aware that he took advantage of me. 
I think he grew it out, knowing it would drive me nuts and expected me to eventually offer him a bribe to take care of himself.
So I'm a little bit mad about the whole situation.
He needs to get a job. 

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