Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I remember watching the movie "Steel Magnolias" as a teen and Julia Roberts saying "pink is my signature color."

Before  Eat, Pray, Love, there was big hair, pink roses and bleedin' armadillo cake.

I asked what she meant and was told that it's something you love, that people associate you with because it's always included in your life. It can be a color, a dish you cook, a flower, a scent-- something that when people encounter it, they are reminded of you.

I have many things that I love,  but only a few that I'd consider my 'signature.'
I do have a signature perfume. 
It's a perfume that nobody else wears, probably because it smells like toilet bowl cleaner or something, but I love it. 
When I was about 15, the perfume "LouLou" came out and it was sold in fancy stores like Goldwater's and Dillard's. The big mall stores, the stores that I was intimidated to even shop at, even if I could afford $75.00 jeans.

I would gather up all of my courage and go in if they had samples of my perfume.
 I always wore it on Saturday nights, for the church dances. It went well with the blinding fumes of 15 year old boys who were drenched in Drakkar and Polo.

It's the perfume I doused on all  my letters to the missionaries I wrote.
It's the perfume my cousin, Marla,  gave me a small bottle of in high school. When she gave it to me, it wasn't just that it was my favorite, it was that she had taken the time to go  out and got something that she knew I would love, because she listened to me when I talked to her. 
It's the perfume I wore when I went on my first date with Matt, and when we got married. 

They don't make it in the states anymore, and it can still be found online, but it's pricey.

I recently bought a new bottle though and even though I may smell like a flower factory threw up on me, it makes me happy. 

What about you?
 What is your "signature something?"
Will you share it with me?

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  1. My signature look is a cardigan sweater over a long or short sleeved solid-color T-shirt. I currently have three sweaters I rotate through: dark grey, burnt orange, and light green.