Monday, March 10, 2014

Go Speed Racer

This morning, I had a follow up visit with my doctor. 
It was better. 
She said my blood pressure is back down to normal and was happy to hear that I have been working really hard to get life back on track.
I'm not back to awesome yet, but I'm joining humanity again. 

One of the trade-offs we made when we moved here was that we moved to a town without a train station. The station is less than 5 miles away and we decided we'd rather have a little bit more house than the perfect commute. It was the right decision, because if we'd have moved to a town with a train station, unless we were within walking distance, it wouldn't have mattered anyway, as parking passes have waiting lists that are years long. 
Normally, he will drive to the city pool and park, then catch the jitney (a small commuter bus) and take that to the train station. The train takes him into the city, to a station a block away from his building. On a  good day, it takes an hour and 15 minutes each way, on a bad day, it can be over 2 hours. On bad days he often ditches the train and takes the ferry- to a different train- to the jitney- to the jeep- to home. 
Over the past few months, my sweet friend Katherine has helped us out, she lives about a 10 minute walk from the train station and has let Matt park at her house. He's been able to save 50 bucks a month since January by doing that and he doesn't have to be impacted when the jitney runs early or late. It's still a massive pain.

There are a few guys in the ward who take scooters to the train station, because parking for a scooter or a bike is free, and it's right up by the platform. We tossed that idea around a lot last year and this year, we decided to just go for it. We are selling the jeep and downsizing with our vehicles. When Zane goes on his mission, Matt can use the truck if needed, but we will save a large chunk of change by selling the jeep and using scooter to get Matt to the train station. 

Last week, we found this blue Piaggio, and it was being sold for a great deal. The owner was the nicest guy and it's BYU blue, to boot. 

The kids had a blast riding with Dad on Saturday, as we enjoyed some warm weather for a change.
I even took a ride around the neighborhood with my Sweetie, racing through the streets at a whopping 25 MPH.

The best part? 
Matt's commute this morning as a good 20 minutes shorter!

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