Friday, March 28, 2014

Finished Project

Today I finished the last of the CTR towels I am making for the kids who are turning 8 this year in the ward.

They are not all perfect, and some of them stitched out better than others, but in the process of stitching out the 14 towels, along with other things I have done, I think I have the it down.  I learned a lot about my machine, about stabilizers and different software programs that can help with embroidery and applique.  

I learned that when I try to cut corners and go cheap-o on some of the supplies, I regret it almost every time.
Even though it seems like there is a lot of waste with things like interfacing and pretty thread, I need to just use the right product for the project, and not try and stretch supplies out.
When I do, I end up with things like this:

It's not as simple as taking the seam ripper to pick it out, with a towel, it is very hard to not pick the nap out of the towel, too and those stitches are tiny and tight. 
I have a pretty good supply of white dishrags now.

With each towel, I thought about the child I was making it for, and put my love into every stitch.
Each towel is different, because I wanted to learn about my machine and use different materials and use different techniques. 
I like that no two kids have the same towel.
We do have a set of twins who have nearly identical towels, but the names are in different colors.

I talked recently with a member of our ward Primary Presidency ans she mentioned how special it is that when the kids leave the water, the first thing they do is wrap themselves up in a warm, fluffy white towel that was made just for them. It can serve as a symbol that each one of them is unique and known by name by their Heavenly Father and how they can wrap themselves in His love.
That made me feel really good. 

 I will probably keep doing something personalized for the kids in this ward when they get baptized as long as we live here, or at least as long as I am involved in Primary on any level. 
I love those kids and the leaders that help to lead, guide and help them.
It was a fun learning experience for me and a nice stress-buster.

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  1. What a sweet thing to do! It's a wonderful gift and keepsake for the 8 years olds. Seeing Nathaniel's name brought tears to my eyes. He's growing up so fast. We are so blessed to have your family in our ward. Thank you!