Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Animated Life

I  finally saw "Frozen" this morning, it's out on i tunes and Amazon streaming for those who can't wait until it comes out on DVD in two weeks.

I saw it at 7am, as I sat n the couch wrapped in a blanket with Romy, we both are sick.
Parker and Greyson are sick too, and while Matt has a tickle in his throat, he and Zane won't succumb to this, because they are manly men. 
They drive manly cars and lift heavy things and eat nachos and stuff.

It was a cute movie, and Romy was completely shocked by the fact that I have not seen Brave or Tangled yet. I expect there will be more uploading of movies before this illness leaves.

Did you know I kind of hate cartoons?
I really, really, really don't enjoy them. My kids watched plenty of them growing up. The 90's mix tape I would make includes songs from Blue's Clues, the Rugrats, The Power Ragers, Dora the Explorer, Boobah, Pokemon and Bananas in Pajamas. Oh, and let's not forget Barney. Parker and Greyson were especially obsessed with Barney. Zane was a Telletubbies man. Romy loved Hey Arnold and the Power Puff Girls.

One of the fun things about having a child who is on the spectrum is that when they like a show or character, they get a little obsessed with it and nothing else will do.
 We watched the same Barney's Great Adventure DVD at least a thousand times for a year.

 Every trip in the car, every morning, every evening--every single day...Barney and those pesky kids went searching for that magic egg.
 He had the soundtrack and would listen to it on his CD player- on repeat- every night.
He had four Barney dolls. He had a giant plastic rainbow egg from the movie.  He had a Baby Bop and wore Barney sneakers and slept in Barney bedding. 
Life was a Purple Hell.

When Romy was born, I never even let her see a single episode of Barney- just to be safe.

Anyway-- I am doing a little better than I was when I posted last week.
It's not enough to just say "Well, I'm depressed...what's on TV?"
 I posted about it so that I could hold myself more accountable to DO something about it.
So what have I done?
To start--my anti-depressant levels were adjusted and I can feel a difference. I'm not paralyzed by my emotions- I'm not moving mountains or anything, but I'm not paralyzed right now.
We bought a treadmill, so I can start getting some running done without that whole freezing to death thing happening.
 It came yesterday and Greyson put it together.
 His ability to put anything together makes up for that whole Barney Phase.

I dragged myself to the dentist and kept going even when one appointment turned into six appointments.
I am cutting back on some of my church obligations.
I baked cookies- just for my family-- this week, something I haven't done since the holidays.
I am cleaning my house again. 
My kids came up with a new chore chart/system that is a big improvement from the one we had before. It makes them more accountable for completing their chores and they answer more to each other now. 

I am also taking the breaks I need and being creative with the sewing machine that Matt got me for Christmas. I'm halfway through a quilt that I'm making for my Dad and I've been embroidering on everything I can get my hands on.

My poor nieces and nephews are going to have so much crap with their names on it by the time the year is over. There is going to be a whole aisle at the D.I. in American Fork for Crap Auntie Chris Made.
I don't care, just don't tell me when you throw it out, let me believe it made their day so I can keep justifying the time I spend with my machine. 
The creative outlet is good for my soul.

 Baby Burp Rags- flannel on top, terry cloth on back

That's what I need to do- just work on feeling better.
Later today, I guess I'll make some hot cocoa and watch Brave with Romy.
 Even a dumb cartoon is good when you can spend time with those you love.

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