Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cabin Fever in the Garden State

The kids have missed 8 days due to snow this year. 
We're expecting anywhere from 2 inches to 10 beginning tonight.
New Jersey does not do snow.
I had a friend, Christine, who warned me that when we moved to the East Coast, they go bonkers when the weather changes. I thought it would be nice to have a snow day here and there because when we lived in Utah, there were no snow days.
She tried to warn me, but I really could not have imagined that the entire East Coast goes into emergency mode this often when it snows.
 It's crazy.

If it is snowing, or going to be snowing during commuter hours, school gets cancelled and all of the trains run really late. Matt's office has people who come in not just from the city, but Jersey, Connecticut and Delaware and when those trains aren't running as they should, it makes for a nightmare. It's a pain in the butt as it is that Matt's commute is so long.15 miles takes an and hour and a half each way on good days, we were so spoiled before. Don't even get me started on the costs for the train....

I'm gearing up for another day of the kids being home. 
I love my children, but every snow day we take now, eats into either spring or summer break and I'd much rather have a longer vacation than a random day here and there where we can't do anything anyway.
We're all about to lose our minds.

Even the kids groaned when they saw the weather reports and Matt got that little wrinkle in his forehead that shows when he is stressed out. He can work from home, but it isn't ideal. 

Last week there was an ice storm.
Arizona girl here had never experienced an ice storm. 

Because we have a gravel drive and no garage, our family had to take an extra snow day when we got Zane's truck hopelessly stuck in the driveway. We couldn't 'rock' it out because Zane's truck was cheap and it dies every time you change gears, so we couldn't really get any momentum going to move it. We had to just wait until all of the ice melt started to work and then used a combination or pushing,  driving and swearing to fix the problem.
Street parking is pretty near impossible.

We also  laughed about how incompetent and helpless we were. How quickly we adapted to being East Coast snow weenies. 

I'm ready for my padded cell. 
I am even sick of hot cocoa and board games.

Enough with the snow days already.

Also- I discovered this blog/tumbler a few months ago and every day, she posts something that makes me smile.
She's funny and doesn't make long posts about the weather or crafts. You'll like her.


  1. Zane! Parker! What's with the beards?

    Oh, and I'm sorry you are all snowed in yet again. Tired of hot cocoa, eh? Guess I won't send a care package....

    We still love you, though!