Saturday, January 4, 2014

First Temple Trip of 2014

 This morning, we got up before the sun and headed to Manhattan to attend the temple together as a family.
One of the most awesome things about having teenagers, is that you don't have to find babysitters or worry about what the kids are up to while your phones are off during temple sessions. 
 I swear, I'd get an emergency call from the school 9 times out of 10 when I would go during the day when we lived in Utah. 
We had enjoyed doing baptisms with Kate and Jane in Palmyra this summer, but Emma had taken a summer math course and wasn't with us during our trip. With her staying for 10 days over the Christmas Holiday, we were able to schedule in a trip together. 

Romy wanted to invite her friend, Eliza, from church. Eliza just turned 12 in December and it has been really fun to see Roe take on the role of 'big sister' to Eliza and to see their friendship develop.
 Roe has been so impacted by the kindness and support she gets from the older girls in our ward, and I am happy to see her being a part of helping that to happen with the new girls coming in. I think we have a very special YW group here in New Jersey and all of my teenager girls feel as though they have lifelong friends in this ward, thanks to the love and true embracing of the Spirit of Christ these girls have.
That have leaders who understand what their challenges and needs are and who teach them to be strong and good. They teach these girls how wonderful it is to be a woman, and help them see how much they can do, if they strive to honor the best that is within them. We have such unique kids here and they are all together in this weird little state that has the fewest ratio of members of the church in all of the nation. You would not know it if you spent time with the youth here. 
I am so thankful for the hard work and prayer of the leaders we have here.
I have seen a change in my little Roe, in just the 6 months she has been a Beehive and it is exciting to watch her turn into a confident young woman, who knows who she is and cares about others. 

Both girls had a great time, and the smiles on their faces radiated. 
I look forward to these two developing a closer friendship as they spend the next season in YW together. 

We only had one family name to do, but my goal is to always come with at least one- so-another Owens has had the work started for them. I've got a stack of sealings I need to do, so Matt and I really need to go to the next ward temple night and get some help with those.

There is something so wonderful about attending the temple with my children. It isn't something we ever did as a family growing up. I don't think I realized, as a youth I could go in and do temple work unless it was a church activity, and we only did that one time when I was a kid.
I am proud of all of our kids and of Eliza for waking up at 5:30 am to go to the temple in this freezing cold weather.

 We drove to Chelsea afterwards and rewarded the kids with our favorite doughnuts.

 No matter how many times I post about these, I don't do them justice.
Emma actually squealed when she heard we were going to the Doughnut Plant. 

It was a great morning.

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