Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Last Post of 2013

In a few more hours, another year will begin.
Have a safe and fun New Year, be sure to give a big smooch to someone you love at midnight, unless you are old like we are and will be asleep long before then.
If that's the case, just go kiss your sweetie now.

We have had a great day with our friends from church.
We went bowling and then to the Thomas home for Chinese. 
We filled up half the bowling alley and it was great to be with everyone amid the lights, laughter and those damn noisy New Year's horns. 
I mean they were festive....yeah, festive.

Even when things are hard and crappy, we're super blessed and  my life is filled with the love thanks to the amazing people I get to share it with. I'm so thankful for the family and friends I have. 

My resolution in 2014 is to be a better friend. 

It's not that I'm a bad friend, I am a very good friend.........when I am functioning and participating in life.
 I've kind of retreated  in recent months and haven't allowed my friends to really help me through a hard experience. Since I didn't let people in when I needed help, they didn't come to me when they needed help. I kind of created this whole dumb cycle of isolation, when I know that at my darkest hours, it has been my friendships that helped me find the light. I know that when a friend is down, I am able to help her get through things as well and it's a good thing for us both.
I just have shut myself off in recent months to a huge degree and I miss my friends.
My reasons for doing so were legitimate reasons for climbing into a pit- but nothing good came of it. 
I have some wonderful friends though, and I can get things back to where they were if I will make the choice to put myself out there. I need to open the doors again and be there for those I love, and let them be there for me as well.
It isn't good to be alone and I have such wonderful friends, it's downright silly to do so.

And I started making that change by getting out of my house and spending the afternoon celebrating with people that I love, admire and trust. 
This will be the first of many better days filled with laughter and the company of these wonderful people.

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