Friday, December 6, 2013

December 6

Two whole days.
I made two whole days of posting every day before I fell off the wagon.

The strangest thing is happening in our house these days.
Zane drives.
Zane driving is very different from Parker and Emma driving. Parker and Emma drove only when they needed to really. Zane seems to enjoy driving and the things it allows him to do. he isn't scared to drive anywhere and so he has been driving himself to Rugby practice, he drives to Seminary and comes back to pick Romy up and he even drove himself and the other two to YM/YW the other night. No more needing rides, no more needing me to be able to drive him somewhere he wants to go, he has the ability and confidence to do it himself.
All he needs is gas money and permission.
Instead of having my mornings include dragging myself out of bed to go to the church and then get the kids to school, Romy knocks on my door and says "I'm leaving in about 5 minutes, I'll see you after school" and she gets a kiss and a hug and I realize that--if I wanted to- I could stay in bed for hours.

That's what I did yesterday.
I was so tired and I was sad because Matt's mom is back in Utah.
We sure had a wonderful time. 
I totally won the in-law jackpot. 

One of the things we did while she was here was a trip to Unique.
They had a sale going on that day and the place was packed. They also had a leaking ceiling so there were buckets of water and wet spots everywhere. There was broken glass on the floor and workers who argued about whose job it was to clean that up. 
It was Unique in all it's New Jersey glory.
(Honestly, most days it is really tame and there are not so many crazies in the store. I mean, everyone in the store is kind of crazy, but it's not so much of a cray cray apocalypse.)
That's right, I said cray cray.

Without further delay.......
Unique with Mom
This ain't the D.I., Girlfriend.

Good for you, Sister Tuttle!
 Your ability to recycle and re-use is amazing!
Why, you even recycled your panty hose into crying, faceless children.
I am excited to see what you come up with next after that online taxidermy course you're taking is completed.

"Grandpa" and "Special Beans" are code for "Run away and join the circus, Timmy. Your family is crazy."

In all my adventures at Unique I have seen some nasty things, but this is hands down the grossest.
It's not just that it's a table that someone glued painted rocks onto and possibly wads of gum.
It's this:

A giant tuft of cat hair. 
I'm going to guess that somewhere in the house that donated this, there is a cat named Fluffy who is constantly wearing doll clothes and stuck at tea parties who gets revenge by peeing on everything and stealing souls as the owners sleep at night.

Get my a Debbie Gibson tape, STAT!

 As Grandma explained to her what this was- Romy said "So, it's like Skype, in olden times."
Yes, Just like Skype.  In OLDEN TIMES.
Kids these days.....

Well, now what are you going to use to fix the wobble on the table? 

 Patriotic lamps- because......... 'Merica Rulezzz.
USA!!!! USA!!! USA!!!

 I wish....I wish....
I wish I had that week of my life back that I spent making this wishing well toilet paper roll holder.

  Welcome to Gary and Cheryl's Bar and Game Room...
Leave your keys and your dignity at the door.

 Who wants to buy a dollar's worth of cheap razors- used- for two bucks??
Don't worry, there is an open box of band-aids in the next aisle you can buy as well.

You've changed, David Bowie.
 You've changed, Man.

 Got my monkey, got my coconut bra...
.All I need is a banana and I'm ready to book my ticket to paradise!!

She came in like a wrecking ball.....

The most disturbing Easter tradition ever.
Burning the Easter Bunny from the ears down to the toes.
Take that Joan of Arc.

Oh Lil Keke. You were a star in your day. Your THREE versions of Where Da South At were classics. 
The instrumental version is my all time favorite- the way you rocked it on the Yamaha Keyboard with the bossanova beat.....genius, pure musical genius.

 Happy 25th Anniversary-- clearly, someone at the candle counting factory would like to just forget those last 5 years.

Soft kitty, warm kitty little ball of fur.......
Mom needed a rabies shot after touching this.

This is what happens when you trust cows with your house keys.
They raid your closet and leave you with nothing to wear to the square dance.


  1. Purr, purr, purr...... ;) you always make me laugh!

  2. Can I claim jet lag as the reason I actually picked up any of that stuff? Please?
    To those of you reading at home, you can know for a certainty that Unique is Chris shows us! Bless my daughter's heart and soul, she has a (wait for it.....) "unique" perspective on thrift shop treasures!