Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2nd

Today we went to the city again.
We had a few more things we wanted Mom to experience before she heads back to snowy Salt Lake City.

We couldn't have Mom all the way here and NOT go to our favorite place in the whole world, The Doughnut Plant.

We each got two doughnuts, one to eat then and one to eat on the drive home.
I got two coconut cream, of course.
Matt got a coconut cream and a Chocolate Blackout. It was a dark chocolate cake doughnut with chocolate pudding inside and chocolate cocoa on top.

Mom got the Verona Chocolate and their famous Tres Leches. 
They threw in a chocolate mint doughnut for free, just to be nice. 

I love the Doughnut Plant in Chelsea. The staff never treats you like a tourist and even though you will spend 20 bucks on 6 doughnuts- they are worth every penny dollar.

We saw the Statue of Liberty the other day, but only the back view. 
You have to see our fine lady properly, from the deck of the ferry.

We went to Saint Paul's Chapel, next to the 9-11 site.
If you ever come to the city- don't miss it. 
George Washington went to church there and when the buildings all around it fell during the terrorist attacks, not a single brick fell from this chapel. It was used to house rescue workers and there are some beautiful memorials set up inside to honor those who served during that terrible day. 
It is a very special place, and one of my favorites.

 Matt's office has crazy high security, so going up to his floor wasn't possible. 
I have been there once, and it was on a special pass that Matt had to have pre-approved and worked out ahead of time. I never saw his actual desk in Salt Lake, so it was cool to finally see where my hard working sweetie spends his days, on the 31st floor of a gorgeous skyscraper.  
I've been to the building a few times though, and the whole place is a work of art.
We were able to show mom the lobbies and the amazing architecture that Matt walks through every day.

I cannot imagine keeping all of this white marble clean.

This is a memorial to the lives that were lost by AMEX employees on 9-11.
I believe they lost 11 that day. 

Drops of water fall from the ceiling into the fountain and a huge crystal hangs in the center. 

There are gorgeous murals depicting places that AMEX has hubs in on many of the walls. 

 The Winter Garden is my favorite area.
Right now, it's under construction so the grand scale of the amphitheater is hindered a little bit by the big white walls you see in the pictures.

It still makes your jaw drop.

There are real palm trees growing in there and  that ceiling----isn't it the prettiest thing you have ever seen?
Even with gray skies, it felt like we were walking in a sky colored kaleidoscope. 

 We went to Battery Park, near the water.
There is an urban garden there that is closed for the winter.
I don't think you can really tell from the picture but there were hundreds of birds and squirrels having themselves a real party.

  They were so fat and happy, they didn't care that all of us touristy types were getting close and taking pictures as if we'd never seen a squirrel or a pigeon before.

People say that one of the differences between a tourist and a resident is that residents look straight ahead, while tourists are always looking up.
I don't know if I ever want to be a person who isn't always looking up and being amazed by the buildings and architecture this city shares. 
So much of the best stuff can only be seen if you stop looking at your feet and stretch your neck a little.

I hope this gal from Pleasant Grove loved it as much as we do. 

 We sure are loving having her here.
I think this week will be listed among one of my best ever, I'm so very thankful for this woman. I think that even if I had fallen head over heels in love with her son- I'd have adored her and admired her. 
We've still got a little more time together and I'm loving every minute of it.
Every minute except for the minutes that involve stairs- stairs are evil.

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