Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 1st

How is it already December?
I swear, this year has just flown by. 
I am challenging myself to post every day in December.
We will see how I do, you know I'm lousy at finishing things.

We just had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.
Matt's mom and the girls flew in from Utah and it has been so nice. All of my kiddos together, and my wonderful Mom -in-law were here to be a part of our madness.

I asked each kid what they wanted to have me make for Thanksgiving.

Parker wanted lots of potatoes, so I made 10 pounds worth.

I made him peel them, though. 

Zane wanted a dutch apple pie, Greyson wanted canned pears.
 I know.
Emma, Kate and Jane all wanted ham and one of them wanted  'whatever.'
Romy wanted the orange biscuits that Matt's cousin Lisa made when she came to visit us last year.
I never make them because I will eat the entire pan, they are incredible.

Mom helped do the messy part and they turned out perfect.

 Tara Baker and the Foxes came over to join our Thanksgiving feast. I love out little house, but it sure wasn't made for entertaining.  We were squished in together, but it was cozy--yeah, we'll go with cozy.

 Turkey AND ham. 
Three cheers for picky eaters.

Even though he will turn 18 next week--(eek!!) Zane was still stuck at the kid's table.
He made the best of it.

After the feast, everyone played board games.
Emma even managed to win a few. She likes to win so much and sometimes we gang up on her.
(We also gang up on Kyle, so she's in good company.)

Mom had never been to NYC, so we braved the cold and took her to see the big city.

We walked and walked and walked and wondered how those pioneer children sang through all the walking they did. We shivered and moaned while we climbed stairs and navigated our way through the crowds.
We'd have never made it out of Missouri if we had been pioneers.
We're old and whiny- at least I am.

WTC is not my favorite tourist stop, but it's right by the place where you catch the train to Hoboken, so we were able to go and see the memorial building. 

I am so blessed and lucky to get to spend this past week with so many of my favorite people and all of my children. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, too.
We sure are lucky and have so much to be thankful for.

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