Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

You're Welcome.

 When all of your kids are teenagers or older, Christmas morning changes.
They sleep in.

Well, all but one of them, who has been up since 2 am, obsessively checking the time and playing Minecraft.

At least one of them makes sure all of her poses are 'facebook worthy" and you have to say "don't make the peace sign!" before every single picture to that same kid.

Suddenly, the stuff your grandparents had that you wouldn't touch as a kid is cool again.

All of your toys support you "Geek Chic" lifestyle.

 There is always at least one thing that nobody has even heard of and no store carries. 
(One day I will tell you the story of Jane and the Great Barbie Lip Gloss Maker.....)

Amazon has everything now, though. they even carry obscure Japanese Anime winged blue cats. 
 I still don't know what it is, but it was her favorite gift.

Some of us are still teenagers at heart....

 (Blackhawks tickets)

When it was all done, they cleaned up their own wrapping paper, assembled their own stuff and helped on another get their electronics set up. 
No matter how old they get, they have a Mom and Dad who still love to see the smiling faces of these wild kids on Christmas Morning.

 Merry Christmas, everyone. 

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