Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So Unique

Today is Election Day, so the kids don't have school. 
They use their schools as polling places and I guess if you allow kids and voters to share the same space, anarchy will erupt.
We didn't get to sleep in because the kids still had Seminary, but you're never going to see me complaining about that- unless it's really cold in the morning and I had a late night. 
I picked up a bag of bagels from the shop and we have a full day of wearing pajamas and watching Netflix in the works. 
I did sneak away this morning and stop by a little place called..........

 As a teen, I probably spent hours locked in a closet with one of these glued to my ear as my friends and I talked about what our chances were of Ricky Martin or George Michael asking us to be their girlfriends.

That's Menudo Ricky Martin, not La Vida Loca Ricky Martin.
I am very old.

 Somewhere, there's a Betsy Ross doll who is feeling mighty lonely as she sits on the shelf with the other super fun homeschool toys. 

The aisles were stocked with comics today.
I'll bet there is a 45 year old guy in sweat pants and a T-shirt with taco sauce on it who is REALLY mad at his mom for getting rid of these

I'm guessing the guy who owned all of these was lacking a few social skills.

Oh thanks Nana, a pillow filled with trash!!!
Who knew you could do so many  FUN things with a paper shredder?

I don't have a funny for these, we just totally had these glasses when I was growing up.
I went through this phase where I drank milk over ice, and once I didn't finish and I put it in the fridge.
The ice melted and it was nasty, but my stepdad was sick of me wasting milk so he made me drink it.
It was so gross. 
I can't stand drinking milk that has even been frozen ever now- and seeing these glasses made me gag.
So- this is actually just a picture I need to bring with me to therapy.

The gal who donated these is a RIOT at parties, trust me. 

You don't want to know how close I came to buying this creepy thing.
I just didn't want it to kill me with it's devil eyes as I slept.
What is this anyway?
 An egg holder? 
A tiny candy dish that holds eight M & M's? 

After successfully separating the two co-joined twin elephant brothers, doctors were dismayed to realize that neither of them actually had a brain.
Let that be a lesson to you, Science.

And what is THIS?
Whatever it is....ouch.

I'm Meow in Hell Meow.
Save meow. 

Here we have a fine example of the rare, but very popular Spoon Squirrels of Puerto Rico.


With Timmy away at camp,  Mom was able to get rid of some of the worst monstrosities he made her in art class. First to go was the googly eyed strangulation rabbit followed by  fourteen  "Eyes of God" made from Popsicle sticks and yarn.

It's funny because it's a coffee creamer set and cream comes from COWS and COWS have udders and....
 You out there in blog land-if you look in your kitchen right now and find anything with udders....you need help. 

The one handed blown glass clown monster will be visiting you in your dreams tonight.
You're welcome.

It's always time for pears!!!

Dear Santa,
Barbie and Raggedy Ann are for chumps.
 I want a Chicken of the Sea doll for Christmas because I've been good enough.
Love, Sally


  1. I am thinking white elephants could be so fun here!

  2. My absolute favs are the Chicken of the Sea doll (so totally want this now, thanks) and the Miss Kitty from Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood voice-over. Also, thanks for the evil clown image. Like we NEED another evil clown image haunting our sleeping and waking hours... I'm just sayin'.