Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Shiver in My Bones

It is snowing.
I know, the yard is a nightmare. We had no less than 4 billion tons of leaves this year. 
I have personally cleaned this entire yard twice this year and Parker did it once, too. 
There are still quite a few leaves on the trees, I think the leaves are just going to win this fight. 
We cleared out a lot of brush from the yard this fall and I have high hopes of us creating a nice little sitting spot back there and a flower garden on the other corner where we once had a huge tangle of thorny vines.
The vines on the back fence are staying because I realized that they are the only think holding that old fence up. 
We will see what next Spring brings and what it inspires me to do.
In the meantime-- it's snowing!

I had a great night of sleep last night. I've been down with the flu and had two terrible achy and nightmare filled nights. Last night I slept deep and well and so soundly that I slept right through my alarm and Romy had to wake me up to go get the boys from Seminary.
I awoke to snow flurries and for some strange reason, as I looked at the sky with a solid night of rest behind me, a big stupid grin started to stretch across my face.

After the kids were all dropped off at their respective schools, I pulled up to my drive, still in my Muppets Pajamas and New Order T-Shirt and I stood outside in the leaf-pocalypse and stared up at the sky.
If you had been standing in the yard next to me, or even in the nosey neighbors yard, listening (as he often does) you would have heard me squeal.
While I know snow is terrible, ugly stuff- this Arizona girl still gets a rush of excitement when she sees it fluttering down from the skies. It always looks like magic. Magic white flakes that dance as the wind carries them for just one more lift and twirl before they settle on to the ground to hide in the grass and blanket the dirt.

The wind, the rain, the coldness- I could do without all of it, but I think my life would carry an empty spot if I could not stand outside and watch the snow fall from the skies. 
The new snow will wash over all of the hard things that were broken in September. 
It will allow the scars of the mistakes to hibernate and heal as they are covered from daily view and when the spring comes, as it does so gloriously in New Jersey we will see that the things that were broken have either decayed and dissolved, or they are transformed from the burdens of the fall into the opportunities of springtime.

It is snowing and all is right with my corner of the world today.


  1. I respect your right to enjoy the snow as an American. But, eww. :)

    On the other hand, happy is good and so is a new page in the book. I love you. even though you like snow.

  2. I feel that magic too! We are making a special trip up north this month JUST to play in the Snow!