Thursday, October 10, 2013

Walmart Score

My first trip to Walmart in New Jersey was a rough one.

I walked through the sliding doors and was hit with a store that was packed, filthy and the first rack of clothing I saw contained cheetah print MC Hammer pants.
The prices were outrageous, the employees were rude and I was honestly shocked by how different the environment was from even the worst Walmart I'd been to in Utah.

It was not a good experience and I  vowed not to go back.

Of course, I went back. 
The prices were not any worse than anywhere else, everything costs more in New Jersey. I adapted to the grouchy employees and it was convenient. That convenience is why we all put up with Walmart.

Today, Walmart was good to me.
I was looking for bags to put leaves in. You have to use paper bags, otherwise you are not allowed to get rd of your green waste. Now that we have a truck, we can actually go to the dump and have a decent yard as long as we don't get any more tree- toppling hurricanes. 
Walmart didn't have any bags, I was annoyed.
 I went to look at yarn to ease my irritation.
They were making space for the Christmas craft items, so they had a bunch of fabric on clearance in the tiny back corner of the store where they have a small selection of sewing and knitting stuff.

1 yard cuts, packs of 4X4 squares and jelly rolls  for a buck. 

2 yard coordinating prints for three bucks and a pack of larger squares that matched the jelly rolls for four bucks.  

I nearly cleared the shelf. 

This almost makes up for the TWO times I have come home with rotten milk from that store. 


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