Friday, October 18, 2013

Because I'm not Enough of a Geek Already

Last weekend we went to Comicon in the city.

 We had wanted to go last year, but I waited to buy tickets until a month before the event, because it never dawned on me that -duh- they would sell out. So, when I say I waited to buy tickets, I should really say "I didn't get tickets."
I didn't make that mistake this year, I bought our tickets within a few hours of them being available.  I even got them early enough to get a discount child's ticket for Romy, so she was only 5 bucks. 
We have been looking forward to this event for months, when Parker came home, it worked out just fine because we realized there were going to be a billion people there and Grey was going to flip out. No way could he handle crowds that size and he happily spent the day with his dad and we gave Parker his ticket.

There really were a bajillion people there, but it was so much fun.

Leave the action figure IN THE BOX or else.

Matt and I wore shirts that I made that featured something from our favorite nerd book series, The Dresden Files. I have seen pictures from other cons where there were always at least a couple of people dressed up as characters from the books. We were bound to run into a fan or two.
We didn't.
I think we were the only people there with that flavor of nerd going on. 
But there were so many other flavors, it was okay.

We walked through the Artist's Alley where the vibe was hard core comic book art fandom and since we are not hard core comic collectors, it wasn't the place for us. We also walked through the areas where the famous people were signing autographs, but we knew before we went that we were not going to wait in line for hours just to pay some celeb 40-100 bucks for a photo and their John Hancock.
Not even John Barrowman. 

We spent the majority of our time just looking at the booths with the different geek collectibles and crap.  I picked up a lot of free posters and buttons. 

There was so much to see, but Romy had her heart set on ONE thing- she wanted to win a T shirt from Geico that said "hump day." 
There was a long line. 
John Barrowman was NOT at the end of the Geico Insurance line. 
I said no, but when she looked over at Matt with those big blue eyes, he took her by the hand and they got in line to try and win a Geico Hump Day t shirt.

He's such a good Dad.
To win, you had to score 3000 points on a virtual pin ball game.
Romy only scored 1600.

She was bummed and they were strict about not giving a shirt to anyone who didn't make the score. I think that was kind of severe since it's something that makes anyone who has one a walking advertisement, but whatever, Geico.
Matt scored over 3000.
Romy was so happy, she jumped up and down cheering and he was the hero of the day. 

It was really fun and we saw some amazing costumes and met some super friendly people there.

If you are local and thinking about going next year, my advice is to bring your lunch- the food was crappy, expensive and the lines were insane. I would also warn parents that while 90% of the exhibits and costumes were PG rated, there are a TON of people there and it's not as fun for a kid as about 600 other things you can do with your kids. I felt bad for the crying kids being dragged from booth to booth all day who really only wanted to see Iron Man and then take a nap. 

And seriously, your four year old does not want to see this guy....
 or this guy.....

Buy your tickets early, because they sell out a month before the event. 
Bring a bag to tote your crap in, most vendors did not have a bag to schlepp the cool stuff you bought in.
Wear comfy shoes and know that the people who came in costume WANT you to ask for a picture. Tell them they are the best Doctor you have seen at the Con and make their day, too.

Not a fan of men in tights.

  Wonder Woman,  just textin'  her Justice League peeps.

It was an experience we will never forget and I'm thankful that I got to experience it with my wonderfully nerdy family- even if we didn't see John Barrowman.  

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