Monday, October 7, 2013

After the Conference Apocalypse

It was a wonderful Conference Weekend!
We watched as a family and for the most part, everyone payed attention until that last hour.

Today, I have the post-Conference Cleaning to do.
We did NO housework all weekend. 
We didn't even rinse our cereal bowls.

 (The dining room table right now-- cookies, mail, duct tape, my sewing box and Zane's hat from Trek. Why?)

I made conference cupcakes and didn't clean up afterwards.
Laundry that I planned to fold during the Saturday session just sat there. 

(at least 200 pairs of socks that have no mate)

We ate pancakes and sandwiches for our meals and left the dishes in the kitchen.

(Perhaps this is a bit TMI)

When we got home last night from celebrating Ethan M's 10th  birthday, I was completely grossed out by the house, but too tired to deal with it.

(my closet, now too dirty for monsters to hide in)

I battle- my filthy house.
I will take no prisoners.
I will leave no musty sock unwashed, no shelf uncluttered.

(Nail polish, air freshener, a half empty can of Diet Dr. Pepper, gummy bears and a half a dose of Dayquil...because that's how normal people live.)

I just need to get off the internet now....

Oh look, my crops are  ready to Harvest on Farmville!

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