Monday, August 19, 2013

Why Yes, I am a Flibbertygibbert

I am still very very sad today, but not as sad as yesterday.
I was so sad yesterday I almost cut my hair.
Because I am 40 now and I am very old and wise I knew from experience that every time I cut my hair when I am upset, it makes me feel better for about one or two days.
 It's the same thing with getting new pets.
One or two days it makes everything feel better and then I am mad at myself and stuck with a big hairy crap-fest for what feels like forever.
I have no business cutting my hair when I am not feeling okay, but the urge  is hard to fight sometimes.
I could never get a tattoo, even though some part of my brain thinks I am totally a baddie like that.
I know a haircut is not the same as a tattoo, but I still have regretted every haircut I got when I was unsettled or emotional, even if they looked super awesome.
I told myself that if I still wanted to chop it all off in a week, then I could splurge and go to a nice salon  and have a day of pampering, but I could NOT grab scissors and hack it off myself, Britney Spears style.
I made bread instead.
Sanity prevails.....this time.
But I could totally pull this off.
I've pinned it for later, just in case.
I went to find my favorite old recipe and I have misplaced it.
Thankfully, that recipe is on a DVD I have, made by Dear Bonnie Hamilton in Jerome, Idaho.
I've blogged about Bonnie before, and hearing her voice, seeing her face in her old kitchen felt like just the hug I needed yesterday and even though I still bawled and moped and had an extremely hard day- some Bonnie time was good for me.
I made 4 loaves of super hearty and healthy whole wheat bread.
Excuse the mess, but I kneaded it all by hand like a pioneer rock star.
I am not going to post the recipe, because Bonnie sells it with her DVD and it helps fund her retirement.
When Sandy hit, we had no power for 10 days and my deep freezer stayed frozen the entire time. One of the reasons was because it was packed full.
When we heard the storm would be bad, I took the 2 liter bottles from the food storage and also filled up some ziplock bags with water to help the freezer stay cold as long as possible. It worked like a charm, nothing even thawed out. The ice didn't even melt very much.
I would like to have the freezer packed with food though, not just water to fill the empty spaces and so I have set a goal to have it full by the time winter comes. I want to make 12 loaves of this bread and have it in there by week's end.
Those freezer meals have been great. I am so glad I did them.
We still eat out way too much, but they have been really handy this summer and we still have about 5 left in the freezer.
My family has had two favorites, Café Rio Like Chicken and Pesto Chicken
The café rio chicken recipe is everywhere on the internet these days. It has Italian seasoning and powdered ranch dressing. You can't miss it on Pinterest and all of the recipes are the same.
 We serve it over salad and tortilla chips with shredded cheese.
My kids could eat it every day.
The Pesto Chicken was served over pasta noodles that I cooked 15 minutes before dinner.
My recipe isn't exact.
5-6 boneless skinless chicken thighs (or breasts if you are not cheap-o like me) cut into chunks
2 TB pesto
1 TB minced garlic (not dry)
1/2 C artichoke hearts
2 cups liquid (water, veg or chicken broth)
dash of onion salt
dash or two of salt
Crock pot that baby on low all day.
Add to 1 box cooked pasta and add 1 cup parmesan cheese
Serve with garlic bread and your kids will tell you that you are a fancy mom and they won't even notice that it has nasty artichoke hearts in it.

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  1. I prefer thighs anyway. They are juicier.