Friday, August 2, 2013

Exhale July, Inhale August

Three sets of visitors in 4 weeks.....
It's been wonderful, but I don't think I'm going to be able to catch up on the blogging and give each visit it's due, so I'm just going to give up and clean the slate and start over tomorrow.
We loved having all 9 of the Mitchells here, I cannot imagine the cross country drive they went through and we got to spend a wonderful week with them. I am crossing all of my fingers and toes that they can move here. Spending time with my bestie always feels like home, even visits when we barely get the chance to talk because we have 4 billion children between us. 
It was always meant to be this way with our families. Our lives are forever intertwined, even if the fates don't bring you closer to us in this season.

We loved having the Kimmels here from Japan. Paul was super fun and played nerd games with us every night and introduced us to 2 new ones. Marla was, as always, a comfort and a joy to be near, I will forever admire and love her. She makes me feel protected and accepted and always has. Jessie was a doll-child. We adored her- too much, I'm afraid. She was not quite use to the sheer volume of smothering and teasing I do to kids I love. We took her out for her first Slurpee, which she described as "wonderful!" and she taught everyone how to do real Japanese bentos. We toured the city and had such a wonderful and pleasant visit with them.

I survived Primary Pioneer activity day. We had about 300 people show up and it was madness. We really need a secretary because my creative brain struggled to keep things organized once the fuse was lit and the activity went live. I got yelled at by someone who was completely out of line and didn't realize that I wasn't going to react the way he wanted when he did that. Matt says I'm a bit of an anarchist by nature and as we talked about what that really meant, I have to say-- yeah, I guess I kind of am. I'm totally great with following the rules, by doing what works and needs to be done, but if anyone presumes to be the boss of me, or to make me be the boss- I'm going clench my teeth and then let go of the rope. The guy who yelled at me saw himself as my boss because he was a man and I was a woman. I was very polite to him and then when he kept telling me what to do I said "Oh, I don't answer to you, I'm don't having this conversation." When I walked away he was still yelling.
Meh. Sorry, Dude.
You're not going to get what you need from me anyway.
So, that was weird and disturbing, but I have already forgotten what they guy looks like and I consider that a blessing. I learned from it and from that super sized activity.
It was a good activity- but I bit off a little more than I could chew.

 (I told them to do serious pioneer faces- what hams!)

Matt and I went to a concert with Kyle and Rebekah as an early anniversary celebration.
7 years.
7 wonderful, wacky and perfect years.
Here's to 7 times 70 more, Babe.

Barenaked Ladies, Guster and Ben Folds Five were a great way to celebrate- and with good friends.
Thanks for going with us, Kyle and Rebekah!

We also went to six flags after the Kimmels left, at about 2pm the skies opened up and it began to rain so hard that they had to shut down the park. We didn't mind, we probably only had an hour of 'go' in us at that point anyway.

Kate and Zane went on a 3 day Pioneer Trek and came back tired and filthy, but very happy and confident. They had amazing Ma's and Pa's and I'm so thankful for that.

Last week, Paige and Brian were here with the little ones. We visited a lot, went to the Cloisters Museum and then the boys went to the Intrepid Museum and the girls went shopping on Canal Street.  We also had a zoo day planned, but the weather had other ideas so we went to an indoor children's museum called "Imagine That" in Florham Park- it was just about the coolest toddler fun place I have ever seen. if you are local and have little ones, it's noisy, but your toddlers and pre school age kids will LOVE it.

We also read stories, played with playdough and made chocolate chip cookies together. 
Fun stuff.

We literally ran into people from our ward who were there- James and her son, Matthew, crashed into each other and both had a nasty goose-egg to show for it.
On Sunday, B&P went to church with us and we had a nice bonus because some friends from out old ward in Taylorsville are doing the summer roadster family vacation and were able to meet up with us and go to Sacrament meeting with us here in New Jersey before heading out to see the 9-1-1 memorial. It was great to see how their girls have grown and to see Coreena and David again.

(I look weird in this picture, but that's what I get for taking photos in the chapel!)

Tomorrow is Wicked day for Kate. Jane and I are going to the Chelsea Market for the day to just have some one on one time while Zane is in Arizona and Grey and Roe spend the day with their dad.

After that- we're spending a long week not getting dressed and doing nothing. It's been that busy of a month. We loved it, loved seeing all of those we care for so much and doing so many fun things but we need to be Jell-O people now.

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  1. Wow Woman! What a month of fun, fun, fun! I enjoyed every minute. :) I pray the stars align and next July we will be there! I never dreamed when you left AZ all those years ago that we would ever live close again. We adore you all, you will always be family to us. Here's to Hope! :)