Sunday, July 21, 2013

You Are Sixteen, Going on Seventeen

I have a few catch-up posts to make, but not tonight.
My cousin and her family have been staying with us this past week and we have had such a fun visit. 
They live in Japan, so we never get to see each other, but we have been lucky enough that we live in areas with a Delta hub and we have plenty of room for them each year, so we have had some fun visits.
I'll post about that during the week, though.

This post needs to be about this kid:

The Kate.
The Katiebug turned 16 TODAY.
This summer, we have had a really great time together. Some season are rough when you have a blendy family and we had some seasons where we struggled to find what worked, but this summer has been easy peasy for us all. We have been having a blast together and nobody can make you laugh like Katiebug can. We're having an exceptionally good summer as a family. 

Most of her birthdays kind of stink. They tend to fall on days when there is camping and while camping is delightful, it's not all that fun when you're covered in bug bites and smell like smoke every single year. 
We're even guilty of having her be camping with us one birthday.
Actually, it was worse than camping, we were on a road trip and that night we stayed in Cody, Wyoming.
Cody, Wyoming is a terrible place- at least for those who think they are rugged enough to camp in the Walmart Parking lot.
 We grossly overestimated how long we could tolerate the smell of cow manure and how scary it would be to sleep in the trailer in a Walmart parking lot. 
And also it was Kate's birthday. 
Sorry, Kid.

This year- no camping, no road trip and no way was her sweet sixteen going to be ordinary.

She woke up to pancakes and a gift of Japanese style pajamas from Marla and Paul.

After Matt took them to the airport, we gathered everyone around for the rest of her gifts.
She was  a little bit excited.

Also, she is a ham.

 Because we have a billion kids, we tend to do sibling gifts that are super cheap.
I usually go buy them and the siblings who are there will pick what they give the birthday victim and the gifts range from practical items they need, to silly crap from the discount store. The birthday person laughs and gets through the boring and silly things until they get their good gift from Mom and Dad.

One of Kate's gifts was this witch hat, and it fit right in with the kind of dumb stuff we give on birthdays.

What Kate didn't know was that tucked inside the silly hat, her big gift was waiting for her to find it.
She put the hat on and didn't even notice it.
When presents were all done, she was trying to hide her confusion and disappointment at only getting small gifts.
We told her the hat was on wrong and she needed to fix it and get the point to stand up for a picture.
When she did, a paper fell out........


That's right, this kid is going to Wicked on Broadway!

In 2 weeks she and Matt will have a city day together and she will get to see Wicked for the first time and on Broadway, no less. 
She was shocked and so happy that she was shaking. 
She totally didn't expect anything like this and it is probably the one thing she has wished she could do with all of her heart ever since we moved here. 

She hasn't stopped beaming all day.

Mind Blown.

Sweet Sixteen Win.

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