Friday, July 5, 2013

The Happy Invasion

How was your holiday???
We ditched it- all of it.
I kind of love playing hooky on a holiday. 

Our friends are here from Arizona.
We are having a total blast. The house is loud and every so often I need to go take a time out to get my marbles all back in my head, but it's just so fun to have them all here.
All 9 of them.
I know!
It was crazier last time when we had 9, too.
Kate and Jane are flying in tonight, so we will have 6 girls coming to YW this week from our family, when we have had zero since last summer. (Roe turns 12 tomorrow!!)
There is joy in this chaos, in just being with friends who aren't really friends, they're family. 
Kristine and I have been besties since we were pregnant with Zane and Quinn. We worked together at the same pre-school, she was little toddler Parker's teacher, I taught the wildest group of 4 year olds you have ever seen. 
That was 18 years ago. 
I look at her big boys and I still see babies. I still see us as young parents.
Nobody else does. 

Today we're tackling NYC.
4000 more pictures to come.....

I'm wishing our other kids were here, but this has been pretty fantastic. 
Maybe I can convince them to move up here, we love them so.

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