Monday, July 8, 2013

So Many Smiles

What a week we're having!

Our friends are still here and we're having a wonderful, noisy time. 
We've played a ton of games, taken NYC by storm and hit the Jersey Shore. 
The kids have watched Mulan no fewer than 6 times and I have no idea why they are all suddenly obsessed with it. 
Everyone is sunburned and so tired we have laughing fits over nothing and we have a special version of "I'll Make a Man Out of You" where all of the lyrics are replaced with the word "butt" because we're classy like that. 
Matt and Romy had fun birthdays, and my baby is officially a Beehive with her own cell phone.
Thankfully, we had unlimited texting. 
Kate and Jane are here and the girls are doing  manicures every night before bed as they have a slumber party in the family room, thanks to the fact that I own at least 40 bottles of nail polish.
We've enjoyed NY style pizza and NJ bagels that I cannot shut up about. 
I did a photo shoot in the back yard that turned out great, apparently I have a little bit of practice shooting family pictures with 7 kids. :)
We converted Summer and Leir into Whovianism.

My face hurts from all of the smiling I have done and also from being as red as a lobster from my sunburn. 
We're trying to convince them to move here because New Jersey is awesome and we love the Mitchells so very much.

Lighting candles and saying a prayer at St. Paul's Chapel in NYC

 9-11 Memorial

 sweet girls using the buddy system on the streets of Manhattan

 on Broadway...not the cool theater section- but it's still a big sign that says "Broadway" 

 Hot dogs in Battery Park

 Violet kind of melted.

 You are HERE.
Right here.

 My pedicure, courtesy of a three year old

 This was when Grey's skin was still white. 
So very, very white.

 Miss Violet, loving the water at Sandy Hook Beach.

 Dianna and John came from Brooklyn to soak up the sun with us, it was so great to see her & meet John! 

 Sometimes, I get in front of the camera.
I am as in love with this guy as the day I married him.

  Birthday Buddies. 

A few hours after this, his burn really developed and he is still hurting with a screaming angry red and blistered burn.
We put sunscreen on him at least 3 times, but he still fried.
I bought a swim shirt for him today, I'm never going to trust Coppertone  again.

I cannot handle the grown up-ness.
Make it stop!

12 candles

24 candles, because that's all they have in a pack and this nearly burned the house down

 Romy's inscription is "you're not really fat" and we're not sure if she means is really not fat or he's just fat, but not REALLY fat.
Happy Birthday?

 This child turns 16 in 2 weeks. 
I'm not done having  'Eek!' moments this month.

Playing Telestrations....

Balloon Party, complete with a balloon D.J.

(red arrow= Matt's office)

Mitchell/Olsons out, Yo.

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