Friday, July 12, 2013

Itching to go to Unique

I can't come up with a more clever title.

I have the creepy crawlies today because my sunburn from last weekend has started to peel.
It is one of my most hated feelings, I can't stand it.
Greyson is a million times worse and he hates it as much as I do. I start to itch just looking at him.

 The rest of my family is able to ignore it, but he and I are going nuts and can't leave our peeling backs alone. Everyone is completely grossed out by that, but it's making me bonkers.
This post took me an hour to type because I kept having to stop and put lotion on my shoulders. 

Thankfully, I have about a dozen mosquito bites on my feet and ankles to help distract me.
I'm seriously losing my mind.
In order to prevent myself from taking a bunch of pictures of my leprosy and posting them on Instagram, I'll share this week's Unique finds.

You can't appreciate the scale of some of this week's amazing treasures from Unique.

All of the stuffed toys I took pictures of were 3 feet tall. 
Somewhere, a ring-toss stand in a carnival for giants is missing it's prizes.

Heeey, it's Franklin and he's coming for your soul.
At least it's not a giant Calliou. I hate that kid.

Homemade Poltergeist Nightmare Murder Clown.
The ribbons wrap themselves around you and drag you into the television set.
Also 3 feet tall.

So was this.
A kid would  need an arm span of 6 feet just to hug Baby Taz.
That might have been done on purpose, because..... ew.

All of the other dragons 
use to laugh an call him names,
they never let poor Fuzzy
 join in any dragon games.

The Church unanimously rejected the new baptismal font design by Anne Geddes.

Nothing says 'sunshine'  like a 15 pound modge-podged wood plaque.

On Wednesdays, we wear pink.....

Another one to add to the "I have no idea what this is" category.
Any guesses? 

Oktoberfest on black velvet. 
Guten tag, Ya'll.

Go home Drag Queen Bunny, you're drunk.

I'm suddenly craving bananas. 

I don't understand the appeal of collecting these ugly Avon perfume containers. 
Clearly, someone else didn't either because there were about 20 of them available yesterday. 

When we went back today, though....... they were all gone.
Somewhere, an entire collection of Beanie Babies had to give up real estate to make room for these.

Another Colorado City wedding figurine.
"and if you scream, I'll WILL shoot you in the back. Just tell the officer every thing's perfectly fine..."

Thrift store tampons.
Probably not the best idea.

What time is it?
It's Jo Bro O'Clock, Playas!!

We've got the bride, we've got the dress, now all we need is a banjo to make the day complete!!

Done and done.

Party on, Rock and Roll Koala.
Time to hit the dance floor.
I really hope he knows Freebird


  1. Oh I love your Unique posts - so funny - s

  2. Sorry I sent the previous post too soon! Sorry you two are itchy! I cannot stand Calliou either - Uighur his voice!! Hope you get less itchy xxoo