Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blob...It's What's for Dinner

Last week I whipped up a bunch of freezer meals, hoping to save on money this summer and not heat the whole house up when I cook. I was quite proud of myself when I say that I had almost 20 family sized meals all ready to go and it really wasn't that big of a chore to put them together. 

Most of them are crock pot meals.
I don't have a love affair with my crock pot like some people do. 
I think most of the food comes out looking like a big blob of meat and sauce, but I have to admit, as long as the blobs taste good and aren't all the same, I think they are just great for my family of hungry guys and a little girl who is so picky she won't eat anything I cook anyway. 

(blob-- I mean- yummy dinner!!_ 
Today is my first attempt at cooking one of my meals for dinner, I think if the guys like it,I'm going to keep up the freezer meals. That was sure easy. 

All of the recipes were pretty easy and you just serve them over rice or pasta or with bread and a vegetable.
So, tonight we're having "French Chicken" which does not seem even the least bit French, but I didn't name it. 


3 -4 boneless chicken breast (I just used 6 bonelss skinless thighs, because I'm cheap and the crock pot is the great equalizer.)
2 cup french dressing
1/2 cup apricot preserves
1 package of onion soup mix
salt and pepper to taste

Place chicken in the crock pot. Mix together the dressing, preserves, onion soup mix, salt and pepper. Cook on high for 3 hours or low for 6 hours.

We always have a ton of apricot preserves thanks to my getting a couple of crates of apricots a few years ago and canning enough syrup and jam to cover the eternities.
If it's terrible, I'll let you know.
It looks like a lovely blob of crock pot something-ness  right now. 

In all that spare time I'm not spending cooking, I dusted off my embroidery hoop and made a pillowcase for my sweet friend, Betty. 

She had surgery on her hip last week and somewhere between the recovery room and them sending her home, she broke her pelvis. 
I was there to help her recover from her last hip surgery and it's killing me to not be there now. 
Hopefully this will bring a smile to her face, she loves her canaries. 
I sure do love her.

I miss Betty and Earle like crazy.
Rest up, Dear Friend, and get better soon. 

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  1. look at you go! You are such a marvel! Wanna come to my house and make premade meals.