Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Scaredy Pants Finds Courage

Yesterday, the YM/YW went to the Manhattan Temple and did baptisms for the dead.
If you are not LDS and read my blog, I love you but I'm not paying enough attention as I write today to explain it.
Please head over to http://mormon.org/faq/baptism-for-the-dead for a non-blond explanation.
Yep, I believe that. 
If you don't, that's cool, too.

This was the first time Greyson went. He's never been available when this happened other times, but this weekend, he was home and excited to do it. Last week he got his very first Temple recommend and was so excited as he talked with Brother Mathusek about the blessings of the temple and made a goal to always have a current recommend. 

(Lest you think it was written on psychic paper, I photo shopped the information out, he's a little kid, Yo.)

The next day, he had decided he didn't want to go.
 He was nervous.
He gets nervous about a lot of things, he has big anxiety issues  and new things scare the tar out of him. 
He was officially chickening out.
That was okay.
We talked to him about what would happen, reminded him that his brother would be there as well as leaders he knew very well, but nope.... he didn't want to do it unless Mom or Dad were going. We simple could not, so we told him that he could do it another time and we were still proud of him.

Sunday night we went to the Mathuseks to celebrate Joe's birthday and the kids had a wild time.

 We had over 20 children running around and I swear, the kids in this ward see each other as cousins. They love each other, look out for each other and they trust the parents as my kids trust their Aunts and Uncles. Short Hills Ward does 'ward family' like rock stars.

Being in their loving home somehow brought Grey's courage back. 
When we left, Bro. Mathusek asked if Grey was going and as I said "No, he'll go next time..." Grey interrupted and said  "I'll be there!!"
By 5am the next day he and Zane were off to the city, dressed in their Sunday best.
When they came home, both boys were glowing, Greyson was elated.

He had a great time, and he felt amazing.
 He not only had gone to the temple for the first time, but he did something he was afraid to do. Zane seemed to feel proud to serve almost as an escort to Grey and I could see these boys who normally squabble and tease relentlessly being close, loving brothers as they bonded in this shared experience. 

In July, Romy will be 12. She can go, too. We can go as a family and nobody will be left home with a babysitter. I don't know what to think about that- it's exciting and I am happy, but 12?
The baby will be 12?
The days are long but the years are short.
But they are good days, and really, really good years, aren't they? 


  1. I discovered the sad truth about how adult time moves when I was on my mission. I found that a day could last a year, and it takes at least a month to get through a week; but months move by like they are only a week long, and years fly by faster than 24 hours. So don't blink. Ever.

    It's wonderful that Grey found the courage to do something that can be scary. I know kids without Grey's anxiety issues who are scared the first time they do Baptisms for the Dead.