Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The Olsons are not having a great week so far.
Every day one of us has had some kind of sickness that has smacked us on our bum. 
Grey's anxiety is through the roof. I have had to come to the school and either comfort him or just pick him up every day for four days in a row, and he had to leave church early with a panic attack.

Matt has the plague and as a result of his being sick, he snores all night.
I love him so much, but I have to sleep on the couch tonight. Three hours of sleep at night isn't working.
I got a killer migraine yesterday.

Romy puked at school on Monday and had to be picked up.
That was an hour after I had already come to pick up Greyson and Matt was home in bed, too.
Zane missed practice last night, he had an upset tummy.
Matt is at work, but dying. He's staying home tomorrow, but the end of April/start of May is the busiest time of year for him.
My house is a nightmare. 

Romy woke up with pinkeye and a fever.
It's bad in one eye and she rubbed it raw so she's got a homemade eye patch to keep it closed and prevent her from messing with it. 
She looks like a mummy pirate. 

So much for May.

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