Saturday, May 4, 2013


Right now, Zane is on his first date.
He and his friend Bethany are attending the Mormon Prom together.

I had never even heard of a Mormon Prom until we moved here. For many of the LDS youth, it is the only Prom they will go to, so it is the real deal. It's a multi stake event and they go all out, but they discourage the youth from making it the expensive, day long event that has been popular as long as I can remember.
It's a pretty huge deal for the kids here and it was fun to see all of our youth dressed to the nines, looking very fancy and grown up, but still giggling and joking like little kids.


Because Zane is a boy, he won't be coming home and sitting on the edge of my bed, telling me about his fairytale night, but that's okay. It was great to just get to be the mom to this kid that I am so proud of and who looked so handsome in his new suit.


  1. Hi my name is Stephanie and I moved to NJ 3 yrs ago I have so enjoyed reading your blog and understand being homesick and yet making a sweet friends here. But I am still homesick ! Lol

  2. Hi! Thanks for posting, it helps me so much when life brings little reminders that I'm not so alone in this strange, but wonderful place! Where did you move from, Stephanie?

  3. Hey, Chris! What a fun night. I wish they did that here in Utah; I get a slightly sick feeling in my stomach when I see the dresses that good LDS girls are wearing to proms here. Drives me crazy. My sister has a neighbor who rents modest prom dresses to girls, and they are beautiful.

    On a side note, I love the updated-yet-retro look to your blog. Very cool!

  4. Hi Chris. I moved here from Texas ! I am glad you are making friends in your ward and now you will make new ones in your stake calling- at least get to know the other wards a bit. I am in the Caldwell Stake. Are you in the East Brunswick Stake? Stephanie. ( I do have a picture of myself with Google but cannot figure why it does not come up - I did not want you to think I am a weirdo lol!

    1. We just had a lady in our ward move to the Caldwell ward- Joanne Winstanley. She moved right when I got called into the ward Primary presidency, so I did not get to know her, but she is missed in Short Hills Ward for sure. I think it's called the Scotch Plains Stake? Heck, I guess I should know that one,lol.
      I have family in Texas. :)
      If it's not too weird--send me a facebook friend request and we can communicate easier that way --

  5. Oh yes I know Joanne and also Teresa. Although not all that well for They moved from Caldwell to Short Hills- yes I will FB you!