Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happiness is Found in My Own Back Yard

Parker left for Utah this morning.
If I were not so tired, I would probably be crying and emotional, but we stayed up until the wee hours playing board games every single night and I am wiped out.
I'm supremely happy, but kind of a zombie today.

I suspect that we are all going to be fast asleep on the sofa when Matt gets home from work. He is even more tired than we are- he had to get up at 4:30 am and drive to Newark. 
He will probably crash right there with us after he's home and all sweatpants'd up.

Before he left, I wanted to get some portraits of the kids together.
They groaned at the idea of getting dressed up and having to go to some location for me to have a good backdrop, but they were willing to do it for Mommy.

When I told them to just wear whatever, as long as it was clean and that we were just going to shoot in the back yard, they perked up quite a bit. We have an absolutely perfect place just beyond our back yard and 
having such great looking models makes it easy to get great shots.

Oh, how I love these kids. 
Yeah, Mother's Day stunk but BEING a mother.....amazing.
 Every bit of these kids and the life I get to have because of them is just the best.


  1. WAY cool pics, and, yes, these are amazing kids! I love being their grandmother!!!!

  2. the last photo is my favorite - and I agree your kids are awesome!!

  3. the last pic is my favorite and I agree with Maggie - your kids are amazing!