Friday, May 10, 2013

Because Laughter is Better than Cake

Today is weigh in day for Weight Watchers, I'm down 11 pounds. 
My fat pants are back to being 'fat pants.' 
Good times.

I've finished a couple more bonnets.
That first one was a beast, but I've made some adjustments to the original pattern and I finished one in just over an hour this evening. 
I found that I can get 5 complete bonnets out of one flat twin sheet. Walmart has them for 5 bucks each, so that makes the cost about a dollar. With each bonnet taking less than 2 hours, it's a pretty good service project for me. 
Here I am, sporting one of my bedsheet bonnets.

Good Lord, why was I wearing dark lipstick? I look like a pioneer prostitute.
Rugby season is almost over.
I can't say I am sad about that.
It's been a ton of driving and an emotional roller coaster for us all, especially Zane. 
I love the kid, love the sport, but I'm sick of driving to Linden three times a week.  It's not so bad now that it's light outside so I'm not driving in the dark, but it's still just become a massive pain in the rear.

While driving to practice yesterday though, I saw something that I had not seen since we moved here.
(No, not a car wash. I have stopped parking under the big poop perch tree though.)

I saw it and said out loud "is couldn't be..."
As I got closer, I realized it totally was.....

Two missionaries, riding their bikes down the road.

I honked and we all waved, and they waved back.
I'm going to guess that isn't something that happens very often here to the Elders, even though in Utah it happens about every 10 minutes when they are out. It certainly isn't something we have encountered here yet.

It reminded me again that the world really is just our home, filled with people who really are in our families, we just haven't met them yet.
I am not so lost in this crazy place with so many people, I'm the same old me and my same old life that I choose exists wherever I go.

It was a little thing, but for me, things that remind me of  'home' also remind me that this is also home.

I leave you with more things I swiped from the Internets to bring a smile to your face today......


  1. I'd rather make bonnets than wear one on trek, especially if I could make some as cute as yours! I've thoroughly enjoyed Abbie's soccer games, but am not sad to think that tomorrow is the last one!
    And there are not enough "Atta Girl!" or "Way to go" phrases to express the great joy of 11 pounds lost!!!! Good for you!

  2. lol these memes made me smile, but Pres. Monson's cracked me up! Thanks for that!

  3. Just popped over from MMB. Loved the red lipstick in the bonnet! ;)