Wednesday, May 8, 2013

As Long as I Don't Have to Go Camping

It's pouring buckets outside.
About an hour and a half ago, there was a loud 'crack' in the air and the heavens opened up and I sit here, still in my PJ's with my trusty breakfast of Diet Coke, smiling. 
I love the way the rain sounds as it pounds on the roof above me. I have not had my bedroom on a floor that connects to the roof for as long as I can remember and don't have any memories of being able to hear the rain like this. It's amazing to me me. It beats on the roof and just outside my window, I can hear it spatter onto the concrete walkway from the gutter. 
To hear it and to be all cozy in my little house- I feel safe and protected and in many ways- that sound of the rain pounding on the roof feels like love.

And it's darn convenient today, too because one of the things I absolutely had to get done was a car wash.

I don't know how it is in other parts of the state, but we do not have a single car wash anywhere near us. Most gas stations are not convenience stores and the few that are --do not have car washes. I have not seen a single drive- through car wash since we moved here. With our house not having an outside water source since the guy who remodeled it just decided we never needed to water the lawn or any plants, washing the car is an ordeal.
Good thing our driveway is under a bunch of trees....
Sunday night I think some birds had a party and I was driving around a total poopmobile for 2 days. I kept forgetting about it as soon as I was out of the car, then I'd get back in and be on my way somewhere and realize my car was gross.
We really need to figure that one out because I'm not doing a daily poopwash on the car by hand. 
So...yay rain!!!

I've been doing some sewing this week, with Trek and a big Pioneer Day activity we are doing for the Stake,  I need some pioneer garb.I need an outfit for Pioneer Day. I am not going on trek, but many people I know are and the only way to get pioneer clothes is to make them or order them from places in Utah and Missouri for the most part. The prices are staggering, but who has time to sew all that?

I have a little time to sew and so I am making pioneer bonnets with spare fabric and as I can squeeze it in.
The first one took me forever, but now that I have made one, the rest will go faster. I made one last night that is almost finished and it was less than 2 hours, start to finish. Instead of the 40 dollars people have spent with mail-order bonnets, these are simple but the cost was under $5.
I can do that.

Maybe that will make up for the fact that when I heard they weer going to ask Matt and I to go on Trek, we hid and didn't answer our phones when the stake called for a week until we heard one of our friends had talked to the guy who was recruiting and when the guy said he was trying to reach us, our friend laughed and told him that  unless he felt really strongly from the Lord about it, he probably should not ask us. 
Thank heavens.
Trek-- gack- No.
I'm sure it's awesome and life changing, but it is also camping and I can think of a thousand different ways to serve than to dress up like a Pioneer and go camping. Sorry, folks it's just not my thing and Matt and I both have always shared a special disdain for camping. We tried,  but we just hate it. Trek is camping with a purpose, I guess, but it's not our purpose. 

You may notice Romy is sporting some shorter hair.
We tried to grow it out, we gave it our best try.
We took the boys in for haircuts on Saturday and I asked them to give Roe just a trim as well.
The woman decided that 'just a trim' meant that she gave Romy layers and one of the stupidest looking haircuts I have ever seen. No two hairs were the same length and I'm sure she was just having a bad day, but it's just not that hard to do a straight line. 

We went home, tried styling it a few ways to hide how awful it was and finally I just asked Romy if we could just hut it all off and start over. She was happy to do that and once her hair was short again, we all smiled because she looks like our little Romy again. 

She is adorable, isn't she? 

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