Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The First Step is Admitting You have a Problem....

So, here's the deal with my obsessive posting about our thrift store.......
I love it.
It is a DUMP and I just love it.

I follow a lot of blogs, mostly crafty/DIY blogs, but one of my favorites is:


Not only is Mandi an amazing thrift crap restorer and designer, but she has an incredible story. The girl is amazing and she's still moving forward in life even though she has had some hard things to overcome.

One of the tips she gives her readers is to go to your local thrift store every day.
Don't buy something every day, but the inventory changes so quickly and the good stuff is gone before you know it, so swing by as often as possible and be that person who gets the good stuff.

I do not go to our store every day, but I do go about twice a week.
Usually, I pop in for 5-10 minutes because it is just around the corner and leave without buying anything. If I'm having a tough day or just want to get away fro a little bit, I'll wander the aisles and take pictures of the horribleness they have there. 
It all makes me smile.
I love me some tacky crap. 

Stop trying to seduce me, Sebastian. 
We all know you have crabs.

 I prefer the term 'cheek udders.'

 Nobody likes a kissass, Timmy. You're out of the will.

 Send in the therapists.....

 The lesser known Hall and Oats song:  Amish eyes are watchin' you.....

What is this?

Anyway, today, I popped in and these two chairs called my name.
The thing is, I don't need chairs now.
But they had such great lines and they were such great chairs.
They had butt-ugly upholstery, but they were mid 1960's and came from the AT&T offices when they were in Manhattan. They have history and were super comfy.
They had to be mine.

I'm going to paint them and probably take away any value they have in doing so and recover them with some gorgeous Waverly fabric I picked up this week.

They will either be gorgeous or so gaudy that I will have to donate them back to the thrift store and let someone else save them. 


  1. Did the metal thing have a bunch of holes on the side that isn't in the picture? It kind of looks like a potato ricer.

  2. Potato ricer was a thought I had, also. It looks like a food press of some sort. At least I hope it was used for food!

  3. I enjoy your thrifting posts. Keep 'em up. :)

  4. so dang jealous of your cool thrift store... :)