Thursday, April 11, 2013

Springfield's Spring

This week, oh, this glorious week!
I am sorry it is cold in Utah, but we have had such beautiful weather I want to sing.
(Don't worry, I won't sing, but I may hum.)

The squirrels have awakened  and are scurrying all across the streets and our lawn again. They are so skinny,compared to the fat rodents that dropped nuts on the roof of our house and scared the tar out of me last fall!
I'm going to make a squirrel bait in the yard, hopefully to keep them out of my garden.

 I figure if I can at least get the zucchini to produce this year, it's a start. We're also planting watermelon, sugar pumpkins and a lot of climbing plants. I'm hoping they take and we can start to have a little bit of privacy from our well- intended, but often grouchy neighbor, Jacobv.
Our yard stresses him out.
  I can't say I blame him, it stresses me out too when I go into the corner of doom.
 Between Sandy and the former owner, it's bad.

What you see, is a giant stump, a bunch of twigs and leaves.
What you do not see are tons of boulders bigger than basketballs and chunks of concrete and asphalt that were dumped there and buried under a light layer of yard debris.
What you also don't see is the thick layer of vines that weave their way through everything, making it impossible to just hack and rake and move on with life.

I don't want to deal with it, and honestly- right now-  I just don't think I can.

In Utah I loved my irises. 
We didn't do squat with the rest of the yard, but I kept my roses alive and I fussed over my irises.
They made me feel loved and they are my favorite flower.

There is a huge Iris garden just about 45 minutes from here and I'm going to go when they bloom.
We planted a lot, but I think they are duds. 
One of my NJ native friends assured me that they will bloom- they just do it late in the summer here. 

Time will tell, but they look pretty scrawny right now.
I think I planted a miniature version, though.
I will buy bulbs when I go to the iris garden this summer. In Utah we had white, purple, yellow, red and orange blooms. 

We are going to try and get sunflowers to grow in the front and I'm also going to try and get some poppies & violets to grow. So far, my starters are still just little containers of dirt.

My tulips are so close to blooming! I am relieved to find that the squirrels really didn't dig up as many as I thought they had and I am soon going to have a pretty row or tulips along my walkway.

I don't remember planting daffodils, but here they are!

They were not here when we came out to NJ last year to find a home.

Can you believe it has been a full year since we learned we were moving and we put an offer on this house? It has it's challenges, but it's a great house and a great location for us. I love Springfield.

The trees are starting to have blossoms, the sound of chirping birds fills the sky and I love that there is so much nature here in the big "Back East." There is a mockingbird that is building a nest in a tree nearby and you can whistle and if you are lucky, you will hear your song sung back to you.  There is also a woodpecker just having a party in the trees. 
There are so many wonderful, new spring sounds here.

Thank you, Heavenly Father for the Spring.
 Thank you for this sunshine and for the pretty blooms that I see when I walk up to my house. Thank you for bringing yesterday's rainstorm to us at night, so I could soak in the sunshine again today and most importantly- thank you for helping me feel that You are there, wherever we may go.

 Thank you for being in New Jersey, too, Father in Heaven.

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  1. What do you use as squirrel bait? We have problems with our squirrels. They'd eat the tomatoes but only if they were red and almost ripe. AAArgh!