Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Prom Season

Zane asked his good friend to the Mormon Prom.

He wasn't going to go, but we nudged him a little and he decided to go, possibly just to shut me up, but I think he wanted to go, he just needed a nudge.

(Shh...it's going to be his first date, actually.)
He wanted to make sure that everyone knew that even though it's a date, he and Bethany are just friends. 
No worries, Kid.
Friends are just great when you are 17.
Friends make better dates anyway- no pressure, no crazy expectations and you can just be yourself.

His little sister helped deliver his 'promposal' and now we just wait to see what the answer is.

(She was not the stealthiest helper, but she was cute.)

How is it that it was over 20 years ago when I had my Prom?
I remember it was really lame and I was kind of shocked to see how skimpy so many of the dresses were. 
We were super poor, so I had to borrow a dress from Ladon Whetten. 

It was green satin with black lace and poofy sleeves and a giant bow on the rear.
My hair was like a helmet, I made sure every ringlet was perfect and nothing was going to mess up my 'do.
My date was my boyfreind, Paul. 
I don't think either of us had a really great time, but we both were glad to go. We left early because my best friend was being weird and I just wasn't feeling it.
Also my boobs were being smooshed by that dress, Ladon and I had the same waist size, but not the same chest size. We went back to his house, changed and watched a movie and fell asleep on his sofa together. I didn't have a curfew that night, but I hadn't intended to fall asleep there. 
His mom was very sweet the next morning and knew we were both behaving and we really were just pooped. I can see now, that she was probably very relieved that we were under her roof, watching videos with doors open and family around instead of getting in the kind of trouble so many of our peers did. 
Paul was a good guy, he still is. He's married now with 4 kids to a cutie pie of a girl and he's a hypnotherapist now. 

Zane is only a Junior, so there will be a Prom next year, and hopefully he will decide to go to the school Prom next year as well as Mormon Prom. You never know with sons, they don't lie awake at night and dream about these things the way girls do. 
I think moms dream about it more than sons do, too. I'm already driving him nuts talking about corsages and the new suit we are going to get him. (He needs a suit anyway, so this is a good excuse to get him to actually participate in the process.)

Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope that she says yes!

I didn't start Weight Watchers yesterday because we had friends over for dinner and that's no fun.
I started today and my body is already screaming at me "you can't function without a constant stream of sugar!!" and I am super tired. The first few days of any diet are always some of the worst, but so far so good. 

I've still got 18 more points to spend today and the evening will be my biggest challenge, but I have taken the first step (again.) 


  1. My son also asked a really good friend, and I agree, much more comfortable that way. I have been bugging him for a while now to ask her what color her dress is so he (we) can do a corsage and coordinate his attire, etc. You are right on. I think girls give prom MUCH MORE thought than guys do. I never knew until I had a son myself.

  2. P.S. I LOVE the popcorn idea. I may steal that for next time...er...suggest that to my son. :)

  3. Way cute way to ask and not "over-the-top" expensive! I hope they have a wonderful time...because I am assuming she will say yes, of course!