Friday, April 12, 2013

Little Zane

This weekend, Zane has a big Rugby tournament in Virginia.

Even with his owie, he made the elite team that gets to go and compete with some of the best teams and players in the nation. It doesn't hurt that he is a full head taller than the biggest guy on the team, or any that we have played. He's also built like a truck and even though he is my most introverted child, he intimidates the tar out of the other teams.
The boy is a beast on the field.
I am crazy proud of all of my kids-- this weekend, it's all about Zane.
He's come a long way from the little big boy who cried on the football field in 5th grade!
Have you heard this story?
He has always been a big strong kid, and in 5th grade we signed him up for flag football.
He didn't want to do it, but we pushed.
Brilliant idea.
He walked onto the field and wasn't really sure of the rules of football. The coach was super excited to see him, due to his size. Zane was taller than the coach, who had been playing ball since he was a kid. He threw him into the mix and told him what to do.
But Zane wasn't comfortable. He's a kid that has to know the rules before he does something and he doesn't want to break them. He's brilliant and creative and amazing, but he likes to color within the lines. He's happy to color boldly and push the envelope, but he won't go outside of the lines.
it is important to him to know where the lines are.
When we threw him onto football, he wasn't familiar enough with the game to know the rules- to know where the lines clearly were.
He was miserable and he started to cry on the field. He kept trying to play, but he didn't know what he was supposed to do and it was too much for him.
We took him home, hugged him and teased him a little until he felt better and he didn't go back to football.
One of the things he likes about Rugby is that each player's role is clearly defined.
 You don't get in front of the ball if you are playing certain positions, you always pass the pall if you are another. The scrum has an order you stand in, the place you can tackle in is very specific, penalties, touches- all have some very specific parameters. Players are given very strict rules on behavior as well, you will get a penalty for grandstanding in this game, big time.
With the clear rules and explanation of what his job is in each game, Zane thrives.
It will be interesting to see how this affects him as he chooses a career path and grows up.
He can do anything he sets his mind to, he just needs to have his structure and he is willing to create that structure himself if needed. I am proud of his finding it in Rugby, because that day on the football field, we figured he just wasn't going to do any sports and it was a shame because he was built in such a way that he could really go far.
This weekend, he's going to play with some of the nation's best.
He is one of the best, part of one of the best teams you will find at the U-19 level.
(my child is at the bottom of this pile)
We'll be wearing red and blue and cheering him on all the way.
......go little zaney-bird.......

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