Friday, April 19, 2013

Chair Fix

Much better.
Cruddy picture, but the chair looks cuter.
I probably shouldn't have painted them at all, but at least I can live with this.
This week kind of stayed tough.
Hopefully, next week will be better.
Tomorrow, my friend Tara is coming over for the whole day, we're going to scrapbook.
A few other women from the ward will come by as well, I believe.
I picked up some rainbow cookies and a bag of cheddar pretzels, Tara is bringing the Diet Dr. Pepper.
Rainbow cookies are very similar to a petit four and people here will correct you if you don't call it a 'rainbow cookie.'
You have been warned.
I think I am going to try and make these, they cost 8 bucks for a small container of them at the grocery store and they are not usually even there because they get bought almost as soon as they bring them out.
 I have found a few recipes, all pretty close to the same and them main thing you need to have when making them is patience, as they have a lot of steps.
Patience and almond paste.
I can pick up almond paste and anyone who has ever taken all seven  of her children with grade money to a Walmart --- has plenty of patience.
In spite of this being a poop of a week, I am counting my blessings.
Our friends, The Ralstons have been in Boston for the week, visiting family.
They went to see the marathon.
They left before anything happened, and they are all safe and I believe headed back today.
We have missed them and worried about them.
I have three friends who were there with their families and all are safe and accounted for.
I think the world has always been violent and people have always done wretched things to each other. Some people just need to create pain for others. They need there to be something ugly so they can feel powerful, or alive or create some kind of justice and even some cosmic score. Some people are just crazy and can't or won't get help.
The 'why' doesn't really have a reason, not one that feels like the question has been answered.
So we turn off the TV, hug our kids and remember that life is precious and all things considered, we have it pretty easy.

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